Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, in the house, think it was the 18th of July

I have to apologize to those who commented to yesterdays post. I read them and hit delete instead of publish.
Mr. Funny was a little peeved that I posted pictures of his mess but it should be motivation to clean it. I told him he can sort papers while he is watching Army wives. Or all 426 seasons of Sopranos, or Entourage.
Either way, I got my bedroom cleaned and organized and shampooed.

The closet is another story.
I need a bigger closet but I am thankful that we each have our own.
I am going to post a picture of shame to prove to Mr. Funny that I can embarrass myself just as easily as I can him.

Here it is:
The long-sleeved portion is color coordinated and neat.
The pants, skirts and shorts are mostly neat.

The lime green purse was my moms. All of my Coach bags (I only have Coach, actually) are in the boxes and bags they came in and are tucked in nicely.

More shoes up on top. Mostly sneakers and wedding shoes. Not sure what I am saving those for but they are pretty.
There is a shelf under the long sleeved shirt where i keep my pairs of Uggs and the other winter boots, in their boxes.
There is a silver hoop (under the green purse) that I hang my belts from. I have all of my scarves on hangers too except for my only cashmere scarf which is still in it's box.
I hate the closet shelves and rods.
I need one of those closet solution sets from Lowes.

But my sweaters are a disaster. I have a bunch in a tub because I ran out of room.
On the left are the jeans I wear the most often. I also have 2 drawers full of jeans in varying sizes.

The floor. I threw everything there when I shampooed.
I store my shoes in the original boxes. They are everywhere right now.
My Shoes For Crews box is funny. I got these non slip clogs from a catalog. They are hideous!!!
I always wear cute flats or Clarks clogs to work. Sometimes when it is really cold, I wear my Uggs. I plan to send those ugly clogs back- if I can find the shoes to go in the box.
The right side is for short sleeves and dresses.
Almost all of my shirts are in the laundry room where I hang them after I pull them out of the dryer. I try to bring them upstairs but I am lazy and there is more room in the laundry room.
These are mostly the shirts I never wear. I should get rid of them but it is a relationship I am not ready to end.
Another funny thing is that the right side wall is rounded.
I will take a better picture later.
It is kind of peaceful around here because Skip went to Grandmas with Nick a few days ago to spend time with my niece Sammi who adores him.
There is not that constant war with Finn trying to eat Skip.
Finn is desperately trying to chew on Molly or Kona's heads but they do not allow such shenanigans.

I never bought a desk. I need to show Mr. my choices plus I found a cute one at Target that is cheap and I can get the chair and desk for a better price than Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.

Much to do- better get moving.
I will post after photos of the closet sometime.

I think the crazy roofers are gone, it is quiet in the hood.


  1. popping over from sits!

    cute closet!! I dont have a closet... just a wardrobe and it is really tiny hehe. your so good with having it organised too!

    i have 2 blogs at the minute:
    Toddler Awesome is my personal blog and Indiechick Designs is a blog design business I just set up. Please stop by and take a look!! They are both in my profile.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am one of those freaky people that enjoys organizing! :)

    Happy Saturday sharefest-ing!

  3. My closet has never been organized, and I can't remember the last time I ever saw the floor!

    If you need to make room and get rid of any of those coach purses or Uggs, I'll be glad to take them for you. ;)

  4. Ok, I just realized what the post title was.

  5. Wow, wish my closets were that house is somewhere around 110 years old, so I have no closets. Cures the problem very nicely. But every now and then, I wish I had a closet or two.

    We use chifforobes just like they did 100 years ago. These houses were built for the high heat and humidity of the south, the one closet I built, I tore back out in less than a year.

  6. Once you get things the way you want it, I'd love to see pictures of your place.

  7. I read this post several hours ago... went to T-town... and still have that "Saturday, in the park, I think it was the 4th of July" stuck in my head all because of your title's resemblance... I need a new song.

  8. I have jeans in varying sizes too; we had a much bigger closet, walk in, before we moved a few months ago. We downsized to save money but lost closet space. Thankfully we still have a her/his side. I tend to be minimalistic; hubby pac rat; he encroaches on my side a lot of the times. Somehow, though, when we counted pair of shoes awhile back, I had more than him though I only usually wear one or two pairs as my favorite

    it would be ideal to design a closet of choice some day down the road



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