Sunday, July 12, 2009


Do you ever just walk around Lowes aimlessly looking at everything and brainstorming on what to do to make your house better?
Even though you have cabinets to paint, laundry to fold, dishes to load, floors to vacuum, and kids to order around?
Yeah, me neither.

When I got home from work, we took the 2 German Shepherds and Molly for a long walk down the gravel road behind our house.
We talked to cows (Finn couldn't figure out what a cow was and the cow was also a little confused) that came right up to the fence, saw what I firmly believe is a meth lab, (but there was a cop car in front so it is either a crooked cop or he was busting them) and a 3 legged dog chased us (he was missing a back leg; guess it is easier to pee when you don't have to lift it.) We also saw a house with not only a sofa on the front porch, (not the wicker kind) but a washing machine and a refrigerator. Handy and convenient. On the trip back, a man introduced himself and said, and I quote, "I ain't never seen you folks before, where ya'll live at?"
I might have given him too much info judging from the way Mr. Funny said "you could have just said we lived down the road."
Excuse me.
Apparently to get a little country life, you just have to scale our privacy fence and there you are.
We also saw at least 3 ponds, which is probably where the frogs Mr. Funny frognapped from my MIL's pool house, relocated to.

Then we headed to Lowes where I found a full length mirror, a rug, a welcome mat, new bathroom cabinets (because I am so over painting them), another rug, and a dishwasher that I had to have.
What we left with was 2 snow shovels (on clearance) and a full sized ladder (because we need to get on the roof a lot?) and 2 bottles of Dawn and some paintbrushes.

Then we took Nick and Ash and Nick's friend to Mazzios where they spent the entire meal texting and playing with the iPod Touch.
Did I tell you we got them new phones?
Off of Ebay?
Their phones were falling apart and our contract wasn't up so Mr. Funny found some SLVR phones for the 3 of them (his iPhone died so he decided on a regular phone)
Apparently there was a European plug on them and Nick shocked the begeezus out of himself.

I kept my iPhone.
A girls got to be able to read her blog when she is out and about.


  1. I walk into Lowe's or Home Depot with two things in mind, the garden center and the clearance aisle...everything else is just static..

  2. I don't ever go to Lowe's. I think I would stay off that gravel road!

  3. hey, before I forget, congrats on winning the give away thingy over at the Avon lady's blog!

    I like how you bought snow shovels in July; that is truly thinking ahead!! most would wait until after the first snowfall. We had one of those tall ladders before we moved; I think my hubby used it a total of 3 times in 8 years. But it did come in handy when he needed it

    we're renting so its easy to stay out of Lowe's

    that walk sounded interesting; a bit of perhaps a remote area where you live? just be careful; like bring a stick which is what I do when I walk Koda to protect us against other dogs; that could be your excuse too, LOL

    enjoy the day


  4. It sounds like you have mighty friendly neighbors. You might want to take advice from Mrfunny...

    I assume you went home for the truck to pick up the rest of the stuff, huh.

  5. Can you send me your address again, I didn't recognize your email and thought it was spam. I realized about an hour later it must have been sorry..


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