Thursday, July 2, 2009

To-day is a happy day

Ahhhhh Thursday!
My favorite day of the week.
I don't have to work again til Sunday and I get to sleep late the next 2 mornings.

I have not written a post in a few days and for those of you who have missed me (have you, really now?) I usually try not to do much on the days I work.
Yesterday was a beautiful warm non-humid day and the customers were so bitchy!!
Last week it was 247 degrees with 100% humidity and our air was almost non-existent and were people all up in my face?

I did all my first of the month things on time too.
Heartworming 4 dogs, reading the water meter, running the dishwasher and washing machine (it is one of those snooty high efficiency ones and it likes to be cleaned with bleach every 4 weeks) with cleaning solutions, and shaving above my knees.

Today Miss Molly has a spa appt. and I need to get groceries and Mr. Funny needs some new work shoes and some polos.
Nick is have 3 friends over tonight and Ash is sleeping all day and then cleaning my MIL's house. She gives him a lot of money to do stupid little jobs and I don't care because it is money I don't have to shell out.
I make him clean for free. In turn I fill his gas tank once a week, pay his insurance, furnish him with clothing, food and shelter and allow him to go to work at his crappy summer job. Which he hates. And he refuses to work for us.
I have offered him a wonderfully fulfilling dishwashing position, a lucrative bussing job or a cooking apprenticeship.
Nope. He wants upper management.
I wonder how much he would like my job on a day to day basis.
People can get really annoying and the babysitting I do with some of the employees is tedious.

We are going to the lake for the 4th.
Just some swimming at the resort where I used to work and dinner in the fine dining restaurant where I used to be a server (I miss it and I miss my friends)
Then the fireworks show.
Not too exciting considering I was going to throw a huge party but with the other 2 big parties I threw last month, I am finger-fooded out and the clean-up sucks.
Maybe I will have one next year.
Maybe I won't.


  1. Maybe you'll invite me next year.
    Maybe you won't.

    Have a fun/restful weekend!


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