Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tonight was our monthly girls night out and there were only 2 of us this time. We had our M&M's (Mexican and margarita) and then onto our restaurant for coffee.
We have a very busy/ popular place which is about to get even more so with some huge groups that are coming into our smallish town.
August is never one of my favorite months because we are so busy with these groups, school and the fact that it is always so hot and humid which makes everyone cranky.
This year will be worse with trying to pack Ashton for school and move him in plus getting Nick ready for band camp (8-8 every day next week and then 7am every morning once school starts)
Ok, I am done complaining.

The tree necklace that some of you liked so much can be found other places, I Googled "tree necklace" and found it here.

I was reading some blogs today and they were talking about the Blogher convention in Chicago and I thought about how fun it would be to go and meet some of my new blog friends but I am such a small fish in such a big blog pond- I would feel silly.
Some people get thousands of comments a day and although I am sure that is nice, there is no possible way to read them and then answer them back.
I have 45 followers and the same 10 people comment all of the time. They are the comments I look forward to because I feel like you know me and care enough. There are times when I read a blog and want to comment but there are 28 or 67 or 200 comments and I think that nobody would even care what I have to say so I am working on this.

Now for the fun part: while my sisters and I were shopping the other day, I had plenty of time to ogle and sniff and spray and poke around and I came across some fabulous finds.

White Citrus body wash/lotion/ spray from Bath & Body Works.
Fresh, summery and it reminds me of a different version of my favorite perfume Clinique Happy (I have worn it many years and I never tire of it- I also love Happy Heart)Satsuma oil from The Body Shop.
My sister had it burning in her new home the other day and it was lovely.
I had to run out and buy a bottle.
I still love my Pier One Fresh Fig but this is a totally different scent so I am not cheating on my Figs. The Tobacco Flower was also yummy.
My sister gave me an oil burner like this one (thank you J!!)
I plan to buy one for every room.

My tree necklace. I am in love with it.
I want to wear it every day.
My gladiator sandals. They go with everything and they are comfortable. And they were half price.
And last but not least, the new Uggs. (I did not get them but they are on my list)
Because I detest winter and I love to be warm.
The new striped cable knit and Bailey Button boots make me happy.
Do you hear me cute husband? Happy.
And a happy wife is a generous wife.

Now I want to know what you love.

Joke of the day:
A woman finds out that her husband was in a horrible accident so she rushes to the hospital.
The doctor calls her in and says to her "I am so sorry to tell you this but your husband is brain-dead"
She looks horrified and then says to him "oh no! we have never had a Democrat in the family before"
(I heard enough Bush jokes through the years, get over it people)

What did the snail say when he took a ride on the turtles back?


  1. I've had some similar thoughts. I am thrilled when I get a new "follower" and beyond thrilled when someone takes the time to leave a comment. I follow three blogs that have hundreds and a couple with thousands of followers.

    I have on a couple times left a comment, but usually don't bother if I'm so far down the line. Like you say, you feel like "who cares, why bother".

    The last time I updated my side bar I stopped following a couple of the bigger blogs. To be honest, on one of them, I just don't "get" what the draw is.

    Mostly, the same folks leave comments on my blog. I'm always wondering about all those other people that "follow" my blog and what I can do to draw them out.

    I've recently "stopped" commenting on a couple blogs. I never got my questions why bother to read or comment.

    I have had a really "bad" week and I have some things to catch up on so I haven't been my usual chatty self in folks comments section. Hopefully I'll get back on track in a week or two.

    You should go to Chicago, if you want to, we are all little fish in the big pond.

    Someone just wrote a post and referenced a peculiar blog follower oddity...I'll have to find it again and jump back here and give her credit and point you to it to read.


    Go read her post, some interesting thought about how we all travel in blog world.

  3. I feel the same way when it comes to leaving comments on the big blogs.

    I love my fake ugg boots. My sister has the cable knit boots, and I want a pair! I can't think of anything I just love right now though.

    I think it would be fun to meet some of the people I talk to on here.

  4. how neat to have a girl's night out! sounds like you do have a busy August ahead; that would be hard to get child ready for college, I know you will miss him. That band schedule sounds grueling, what is the director thinking?? people need a life, LOL

    your tree necklace is very pretty!!

    I think it might be fun to go to Blogher some day. I would have to see if the people whose blogs I follow are there, otherwise, it would be like going to your high school reunion when your friends didn't show up. I've met 2 bloggers so far and have enjoyed that so much.

    enjoy your Thursday :)


  5. Clinique Happy is what I wear too so I'll have to check that out!!!

    And am in love with that oil burner!!! too cute! Very modern!

  6. I just found your blog. So cute!The idea of a blogher convention is pretty neat-think about the tips you could swap! I also feel the same way about the bigger blogs. I mean do you think that blogger actually reads all those comments?

    On a side note the white citrus candle from Bath & Body is amazing and the scent lasts forever in your house!


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