Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tranquil Thursday (yeah, right)

What a wonderful surprise, 2 new followers today.
Welcome Katie and B is for Brown!
I always notice new followers and always visit their sites; most of the time I also become a follower of them.

I have more pictures to post- I love blogs with pictures and although I have a great full size camera that takes the best pictures, I still use my Cyber-shot because it is always (except when I go out of town to visit family and REALLY need my camera) right here.
I was just sitting here thinking how nice it is to have the dishwasher running, a load of laundry in the washer and the dryer, a clean kitchen, laundry room and 1/2 bath, a mostly clean living room and dining room. The upstairs looks fine (except the boys' bath and that is always atrocious!) and the basement door is closed so I will pretend it is also clean.
Life is good.

What? What was that Mr. Funny said to me?
"please get that bathroom painted and put back together SOON!"
Oh yeah, I forgot about those blasted cabinets.
And to add to my joy, I brought home this:

It was my mothers. And her mothers.
It was in the foyer when I was growing up and it was green. One day someone painted it blue and it was moved to the extra bedroom and was filled with grandmothers and great-grandmothers china and old Christmas glasses and hasn't been touched since my mother died.
My sister and brother still live in my mothers home and there are drawers and cabinets that still have everything exactly where she left it when she went into the hospital for what we thought was a short stay and a return home. When I was there last Saturday, I opened the buffet cabinet and there were her favorite nail polishes, birthday wrapping paper and photos.
I don't know what is more heartbreaking- seeing that stuff everyday or never seeing it and getting the air sucked out of your chest when you are looking for something and run across her Thanksgiving menu from a few years back (that never happened because she was in the hospital) in her handwriting or her pens from the hospital (she was a nurse) in the spot she left them.
My sisters have given her clothes and books and so many things away but it is a long and HARD job and there is still a lot to do.
I plan to strip and paint the "green dresser" a glossy black and proudly display it in my front foyer.
And I am leaving the inside green forever to remind me.
This wasn't supposed to be a crying post but too late for that.
It gets harder and harder because at first it's like she is on a long trip or I am too busy to visit but then I go back to visit and she is still on that stupid worldwide vacation and we still miss the hell out of her and she doesn't e-mail or send postcards and there are no vacation pictures and there is only that nail polish and menu and US waiting to see her.

Mr. Funny picked these up for me today, isn't he lovely.
The lotion was free with the perfume purchase.

And this is Cobb.
My sister surprised me with him on one of her Pier One visits because my kitchen is roostery.
He is handpainted blown glass and I pray he doesn't suffer the same fate as my rooster pepper shaker when I unplugged the Dyson (yes, I call it that, because I am in love with it; the other big clunky one is the vacuum) and the cord went flying.
Sad day.
Nick glued him and he has a huge hole in his back where the tiny shards got Dyson'd up.
Won't be putting pepper in that boy.

And she gave me this satiny Gap tank and some other Gap shirts (new) that she never wore.
I adore Gap.
Thank you Mel!!!!!!!

I wanted to tell her that I hope she has a good weekend because she taught VBS this week and it was not as much fun as one might imagine and her 4 year old is behaving like my 18 year old (or vice versa) and refuses to listen and yells at her and she has an awful kink in her neck and a stress headache that won't go away and she just needs to throw the boys in the car and stay here a week so I can help her.
And by help her, I mean tie him to my pergola and spray him with the water gun and make him jump on my trampoline til he passes out and throw the tennis ball for Molly til SHE passes out while we have margaritas.
That what family is for.


  1. Cobb is cute!!! that would be sad to open something of your mom's and not expect to see what you saw in it; I'm sure my sister will be going through some of this in the next few weeks; my mom lived with her/family before she passed away, then 6 months later my sister/family moved to the Netherlands for 2 years due to her hubby's work. They just moved back this past month and all their stuff had been in storage here for 2 years. I think as they open up boxes, they'll have a lot of the same feelings you did. At the time they moved, their grief was still very intense and they couldn't part with anything so I'm sure everything will have memories for them (I lived 3000 miles away from them so I didn't have that closeness like they did). it is hard to lose our moms.

    hugs to you....


  2. I love the wedding video you posted yesterday. I didn't comment b/c it was Thursday and my brain has Thursdays off.
    And evidently lots of personal days, comp time, etc.

    This stuff about your mom made happy/sad. Be thankful you can gather some of her treasures around you.

    Only YOU could post like that, and segue to the roostery business.

    Glad you're back.

  3. Sorry you are so sad about your mom. What a wonderful way to remember her though. That cabinet is going to look fabulous painted black and sitting where you can see it every day. Your mom would be so happy you are getting use out of it.

    We were just at Bath and Body Works this past weekend and I really like their new scent, White Citrus. Smells so clean. Thanks for the link about your necklace, I found it and it is on it's way!


  4. Thanks for the invite, but it's a no go right now. We have a birthday this weekend and two appointments next week that can't be missed. Maybe the following week...

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think painting the "green dresser" black and displaying it proudly, while leaving the inside green is a fabulous idea. You'll have to post "after" photos when you're done.

  6. Janet- I hope I am still fairly young when I post the after pictures! I am still working on the cabinet!


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