Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whiner whiner tree on fire

I tried to go to bed early last night.
I had a sore throat and was tired after doing laundry and cleaning and watching Hitched or Ditched and 90210.
I took an Advil pm and read my Real Simple.
Mr. Funny got home from work, brought all 5 dogs upstairs and started playing with them and talking.
I kicked them out.
At 11:30, Nick came in and asked if a.) he could go see the midnight viewing of Harry Potter and b.) if he could have some friends over for a meeting because they are planning to make a movie.
Both answers were no.
At 3 o'clock this morning, lightning hit my neighbors tree and was followed by a ginormous boom of thunder that woke up all 5 dogs and really freaked Finn out.
(I was in an Advil pm coma and did not want to move.)
He was downstairs in his crate and began whining so Mr. Funny came up with the great idea to bring the crate into our room so Finney wouldn't be scared.
It is not small, by the way.
When we got it upstairs, Finn ran away from me and pooped in the middle of my room.
It was the kind that looks more like vomit and smells worse.
My job. Poop. His job. Vomit
I Lose.

I somehow fell back to sleep and woke up groggy and cranky. (like usual?)
Went to work in a torrential rainstorm, noticed the neighbors tree was peeled like a banana- no bark.

A long, slow breakfast followed by a visit from the fire dept and ambulance to take one of our customers who had a seizure.
The girls mentioned that years ago, a person died at one of the tables during business hours, which explains the weird noises, shadows and things moving and/or disappearing.
We had odd customers, the cooks were getting on my nerves and Mr. Funny dropped Nick off to hang out for 2 hours so I could drop him off at the theater for a birthday party (Mr. Funny had to work his other job-he works in sales for a frozen drink company, which is what he did before we bought the restaurant and he does it very part time because they begged him to come back)
So, I had to keep him sort of entertained while taking care of business.
And we have no fewer than 11 air conditioning/ condensation drips throughout the restaurant which make me crazy.
Mr. and his brother are working on getting them fixed.

I am home now, many extra children are here, as I said, trying to have a meeting because they plan make a movie. I hear the XBox Live on too so the meeting must have been short.
Nick was in a class last year that was a daily tv show for the school and did interviews and short films and now they want to be famous.
I told him about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and their successes and told him I hope he remembers the little people.

Like mommy, who greatly needs a vacation.
Or maybe a beach house.
Or most likely
A Nap.

By the way, thank you for all the positive comments on my doom and gloom post.
I am glad others feel the same way I do.
Only God knows.
And he's not telling......


  1. Sounds like you need to call Ghost Hunters!! Let me know when their coming! lol

  2. oh my gosh, what a day! and when does school start again??

    hugs to you!


  3. I only do hard poop. Mr. has to do the soft stuff - otherwise he'd be cleaning up my puke in addition to the poop.

    I hope you survived the day and got some rest. Let me know when the kid and his friends hit the big time. I'll attend his midnight showing!

  4. Sounds like a very eventful night and day!!

    I am intrigued by your ghost story.

  5. Ooh! Please call Jason and Grant! I would love to be part of the show. And I would totally love if your restaurant was haunted.

    I hate poop. Foxxy pooped in the house yesterday and today because she is old and likes to piss me off. She may be euthanized soon if she can't control her bowels.

  6. you know my girlfriend and I were thisclose to going to Joplin to see Jason and Grant


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