Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Big weekend!

We had a great (and successful) weekend dropping our son off at college.
We got him checked in and all of his belongings up to his room and then dropped him and his future roommate off to meet some other friends for pizza while we went to Target for a few more things.

Unloading his car...

And mine......

His new roommate, Zach.
He looks like Zach Braff from Scrubs.I was watching them unload...... (hiding, maybe?)
Brand new dorms!
The room (the green side is his old roommate who has since moved out.)
The men......

This will be his roommate in a few weeks. The paperwork got messed up and he got put in a room with a different guy who will be moving out tonite.

The closet before all of his clothing and shoes and supplies are unloaded. It is a good sized closet, I must say.

Bye parents!
Thanks for raising me!
Don't forget to deposit money into my account every week!


  1. Aww, what a big life changing move for all of you to go through. Looks like he got a great place to live, and what a closet :) I don't remember anything like that at college. Sounds like it went really well :)

  2. love the bumper sticker!

    Ash's room looks good; the closet does look roomy for sure! He is going to do just fine, mom! you just keep depositing that money for him and he'll do just fine (I'm still depositing money for son and he's not in college, LOL)

    wishing Ash the best!!!

    this is the first time I saw a picture of your hubby; nice looking man; you guys make a great looking couple!


  3. There's no mention of crying.
    You don't say anything about weeping.
    Tears? Nada.
    C'mon, spill; Nick bawled like a baby, didn't he?
    Did you cry B?

  4. Looks like y'all did just fine. NICE dorm...the closet alone makes it far superior to what Lorelai just moved into. He looks and your husband look happy. wasn't THAT bad, was it??

  5. Housewife- no tears, it is Ash- Nick still at home, I was a little worried about leaving him in the big city until I saw that he had lots of friends and a nice place to live. Then I was fine.

  6. Thats what we did every time we took one of ours to college - the obligatory trip to Target for finishing up stuff!

    Man - that IS a nice size closet!

  7. Did you cry?

    Those dorm rooms look really nice! I LOVE your coffee cups! Am going to check out Target here. I want one. I loved the pictures of your family. Post more!!!! (I'm nosy that way)

  8. Wow, that's a huge closet for dorm livin'. Nice
    Looks like it was a successful drop off.
    I'm secretly looking forward to doin' that in about 3 weeks. I think it's time for summer to finish, already!
    Great looking young man, BTW. :)

  9. Exciting times for your boy! I'm glad ya'll had a good, safe trip.

  10. i cannot believe you have a son in college. wow! you look damn good, ladycakes!

  11. Oh, my baby! I just cannot believe he is off on his own now. Just think how great it will be when he comes to you with his problems now, instead of just to yell at you for stuff! Almost nothing can be your fault anymore! I know this is a relief to you and your house will be so calming now. Congrats on seeing him through almost 19 years. You did well! I love you!

  12. Ok, he's not even my son and it makes me sad to see him go. LOL

    I hate when my kids go back to college. I cry and cry and cry.


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