Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear John letter to Twitter

I think I am going to dump Twitter.
I don't have much use for it and to be honest, who cares if you are "baking pies and talking to your grandma"

People never used to know so much about people.
Facebook is kind of the same.
I read peoples status and it is like "going to the bathroom" then in a few minutes it's "went #2, feel better now"
That is more information than I need to know about people.
My son will post to FB the entire day. There are no secrets.
His friends know exactly what he did from the moment his eyes opened to the moment they closed (it was 4 this morning, by the way and I plan to have a talk about this)
The whole time we were shopping the other day, there were photos and updates being sent. I felt like I was shopping with the world sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next response.

I used to get up and go to school.
I was there all day and if I didn't see someone all day, I had to actually speak to them to see what had transpired throughout their day.
And somehow, I survived.
There were no phone let alone all this other stuff.

I realize that I blog about my daily events, it started as a diary so I could look back on it and see what I was doing and thinking about but now I do my best to entertain and make people laugh in addition to the diary part.

What I am trying to say is that I think we should be a little more private.
I don't talk about my very personal things on here and I probably won't.
In the last 2 weeks I have gotten 2 new Twitter followers.
Total strangers.
When I went to their profile, one of them was "looking for men or women to hook up with from all walks of life"
The new one yesterday was "hoping to have as much sex as possible this year" (there were scary nude photos of her in sexually explicit positions) EW!
Both were women.
I blocked them- not interested.
If I don't know these people, I certainly don't want them following me.

They would be so disappointed anyway.

So Goodbye Twitter!
I never really liked you anyway.
Now if you will excuse me, I have some personal business to take care of.
And only I know. ; )


  1. I have never been interested in twitter at all! I have had a couple friends send me invites to it, and I always tell them no thanks! I don't want to do it for the exact reasons you said! I can't stand the FB updates either!
    If those weird people started following you, can't they try to follow kids also?

  2. girl, I feel the SAME about Twitter..I can't stand it. I joined one night on the urging of a friend of mine and after about 3 updates, it was nearly impossible to keep up with the second by second updates and the endless banter back and forth. I quit going back after that one visit. In fact I need to go back one more time to end my membership.

  3. I so totally agree! I signed up for Twitter, but I have never really Twittered (imagine, that will be a word in our dictionary soon; kind of like googled). I like the concept of 140 words or less, but like only 1 time a day maybe? and I deleted a lot of my friend contacts on FB for the same reason you mentioned, I really didn't want to have a lot of info out there and I got to thinking, how many people read comments I leave on people's walls, etc., which might be of a personal nature, etc. Good case in point, I have a dear friend from Montana who came to visit us last year. We have a GPS system that she named Stella when she was visiting; she just loved programming where we were going and having Stella guide us there. Well, Stella broke a few months ago and we had to replace her. I sent my friend an email saying Stella had died; it was a cute little one about how sad she would be etc. Anyway, she put on FB that she was sad Stella had died, as a joke thingy. I kept playing along with it with her saying I was sorry for her loss. Her MIL called her and said "I don't know who Stella is, but I'm so sorry she passed, she sounded really special to you". We just had the best laughs about it, but you know it was a silly thing. There are way too much personal things going on that people are leaving on FB, in their blogs, twittering, etc. They don't realize, that although it is nice to connect with other people in cyber-land, they have no idea who is reading things.

    ewww too about who wanted to follow you on Twitter...that is just gross.......

    sorry, this is a long one

    (oh, had to laugh about son going to bed at 4 in the morning; it happens here too; what is it with these teens and staying up that late?)


  4. I love to blab, blab, blab, in RL and on my blog.
    But I don't get Twitter.
    I want to. But I don't.
    So go ahead and quit.
    We'll be a club.
    Can I be president?
    No. Wait...QUEEN.
    You can be my underling (and I don't mean in a freaky way like your recent Twitter friend was hoping for.)
    Or you can be a minion.

  5. LOL I don't Twitter and only got on facebook because my daughter insisted. Blog is different (to me). It is a way of expressing myself and not just silly one line status updates.

  6. I don't really get twitter either and rarely end up using it! Maybe I'll dump them too!!


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