Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dirty Rotten Stinking Dog

Warning: this post contains some foul language. I felt it necessary.

I ended my relationship with Twitter today.
Thank you for your supportive comments about it and I am pleased that I am not the only one who thinks this new technology is silly and intrusive.

I served lunch to the the 160 band kids today and it was really fun.
They work so hard in the heat and the payoff is always amazing!
All week long they have gone in at 8am, worked on their marching on the wet field in the morning heat and humidity, had an hour lunch break, worked inside for a few hours, had a 2 hour dinner break from 4-6pm and then worked on their marching til 8:30pm on the field again.

They are sunburned, exhausted and achy from holding their instruments at attention for so long.
Nick has brought his big water bottle, which he fills with water 3/4 and freezes- then fills with water the rest of the way before he leaves in the morning. By the end of the day, he still has cool water and they give them plenty of shade/water breaks.
He has not complained once (there are many who do-constantly) and he comes home, cleans and fills his bottle, takes a shower and falls into bed.
He even gathered his laundry for me first tonite.
He hung out with some of the older guys from drumline and they had a long dinner at Steak & Shake.
Monday we took him and a few guys to pizza, Tues. he went with some friends and yesterday I took him to the restaurant.
I promised him Dairy Queen tomorrow, the last day.

For lunch today, we served BBQ beef sandwiches, (made by one of last years parents) chips, pickles, cantaloupe, watermelon, brownies and various snack foods.
I was the pickle/watermelon/ cantaloupe girl. Fulfilling.
I also got to catch up with some of the mom's who I haven't seen and see how much the kids (the ones who haven't been at my house) have changed over the summer.

I went in to work for awhile but it was slow tonite (they were very busy all day) and I left to go watch the evening band session.
I ran into an old friend and got to catch up with her which reminds me that I actually enjoy being social sometimes.

When I got home, I got started on the mountain of laundry and scolded the dog (Skip) for getting out of the yard (he was out yesterday too and I had to hunt for him behind our house on gravel roads which got my freshly detailed car dirty and made me hostile; I found him running in the cow pasture) and getting into mud. I couldn't figure out where he found the mud since it has been dry for some time here.
Mr. Funny got home and let me know that in fact, it wasn't mud at all.
It was cow manure.
Because I had nothing else to do, I threw his foul ass into the shower and scrubbed him, dried him and threw him out back to "think about what he'd done."
Mr. Funny let him back in and he was sitting by my feet when I noticed that he (the dog) was dirty and smelly.
In the half hour that he was out, he crawled back under the privacy fence and ROLLED IN THE COW SHIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Funny has filled in so many holes, I always joke that Skip is a free spirit and he loves to get out and explore which is how we described him months ago when my grumpy neighbor let us know that this little dog was "vicious and growls at him."
I think I am going to get a long rope and tie his stupid self to a rod in the ground for awhile.

After a long day of serving food, working, and washing the dog twice (Mr. Funny did it the second time in the backyard with the hose, and yes the water was cold. Waaaa!) I am blogging and Mr. is on hold with Apple trying to buy Ash a MacBook Pro for college.

The dog is under my chair and I swear I still smell manure.

The usual suspect


  1. LOL with the dog!! never a dull moment! that is a grueling schedule for Nick! so glad he's keeping up with it and seems to be thriving too!!


  2. Poor Skip. He doesn't know any better with that pea-sized brain. Have you looked at the size of his head? It is tiny! There cannot be much going on inside of it. I just see two tiny balls bouncing back and forth up there.

  3. Exactly who is getting tied to the pole in the yard - the dog or the neighbor? LOL It sounds like those band kids really do work hard. It is good for them - keeps them off the phone, facebook, twitter and... well you know....

  4. I like the smell of cow crap, but not in the house.

    To your pup, it smells like pure heaven...he was donning the best French perfume in the world...just for you.

    He looks so confused in the photo, tomorrow he will attempt to find some two week old road kill and see if maybe his lovey (you) likes that better.

  5. Well, thankfully there was no manure involved, but there have been many a day when my dogs got more than one bath.

    Last weekend I shampooed carpets, only to let them in and receive fresh doggie tracks through the house. AACK!


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