Friday, August 14, 2009

Family. The ties that bind (and gag) (and puke)

My nephew, AJ from Jersey is here for a playdate (not all the way from Jersey- he has been here for a few weeks already)
Nick is introducing him to the finer things in life.
Like XBox Live and Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
His mom is gonna be so mad when he finds out what she has been keeping from him all this time.
He is still young though. And he doesn't have an older brother to show him the ways of the world.
He has a sweet but scaredy-cat sister and a monster-baby brother. Samantha and Jacob.

Sami is scared of dogs, the noise of the marching band (they watched practice with me last night)and she thinks we are giants. (we are not that tall, her parents are just short)
She loves to be girly and has the cutest blue eyes and reddish hair. And great fashion sense. She adores Skip (the bad dog) and she is very helpful to her mom.

Jake is a mini terrorist. He hits the dogs and people, scales the pool at my MIL's trying to get in and he will jump in without floaties (and sink), throws rocks into my pond (over and over til I told his mother he has to leave) does not listen at all (he is 2 1/2, I understand) and he has been in the emergency room for broken bones and stitches a lot since he just goes full force all day long. Fearless. He is very cute and cuddly and has the best hair (thick and soft) and he can throw and kick any kind of ball like a pro.

Aj is quiet and polite but has nerve issues and texture problems.
No tags in his clothing (fueled by his dad, I think) and things make him spontaneously throw up.
I have trained my children from a young age NOT TO THROW UP because I will DIE!
And they don't. Ash did once with the flu and Mr. was home so it was fine.
He throws up all the time. All the time.
Ash's 13th birthday at a Japanese steakhouse-AJ ate the red cake frosting....right back up and looked like he was throwing up blood.
Last summer at my house, right after his mom dropped him off. I ran to the store to get dinner and Ash was watching him and gave him a smoothie.
He called to tell me that AJ threw it up all over the kitchen. He threw down a large towel and called his mom who came over to clean it up.
Soda, ice cream, smooties, mashed potatoes, milk and who knows what else has to be monitored so he doesn't hurl.
He gets nervous at friends' houses and has to be picked up early a lot.

It is nearing lunchtime here and I do not know what to feed him.
He is so good though. He helps his mom, is a baseball, soccer and football whiz. He plays golf better than most adults. He makes friends easily and gets along with everyone.
He has the most gorgeous black hair and dark eyes and he turns brown in 2 days at the pool.
He loves dogs and sports and school.

Anyway, that is what we are doing today.
Spending time with family before school starts and they go back east.
Nick has a pep rally tonight to play at and friends coming over later so I am trying to decide if I am going to paint.
Those blasted cabinets that still have not painted themselves.
What are you doing?


  1. I'm laughing so hard right now I can barely type. I was the same way with my daughter, she soon learned that one way to make mommy come totally unglued was to vomit. We just had my great niece and nephew for a 5 day visit - 3 and 8 year olds. And the main thing I was nervous about was whether or not they were pukers lol. Kathy (oh yeah, and I work for a vet - what was I thinking?)

  2. I am doing nothing tonight, tomorrow is my grandpa's 83rd birthday party, and sunday we will be finishing up any school shopping that needs to be done. That will be my exciting weekend! My nephew would always puke when he was at someone else's house. It was just his nerves. He doesn't do it anymore.

  3. LOL; I know it wasn't meant to be completely funny, but I was laughing with this entry, especially the throwing up (or lack of throwing up part). your nephews/neices sound adorably cute, a bit eccentric maybe, but adorably cute!

    enjoy the rest of your time with them



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