Friday, August 14, 2009

Funding the Walmart Remodel Job One Trip at a Time

You girls are quite helpful with your college ideas!
Katie, Kathy and Belle- thanks a bunch!

Now I can add Command hooks (new dorm-no nails) to my still present list.
My trip to Walmart and Walgreens was expensive and I walked out of the store with no storage containers to pack stuff in!!
(By the way, I still cannot find the stuff I am looking for and by golly they even moved the tampons. Really? And where the truck is the lip gloss? Do not continue to screw up my life this way!)
One more month of the remodel they say.

We plan to go to Sam's and Target when we get to KC for the stuff we forgot or don't want to haul and now that he is going to leadership camp (at the college) next week, we are mostly on our own with only one car going instead of two.
I am still hoping he will come back home after camp on Friday so we will have extra room to haul stuff.
There is no way he can bring all of his clothes (I am sure he thinks he has a walk-in closet) and shoes (he comes by that honestly) but from what he says, there is a room with 2 guys on each side and a small living area and bathroom between them so we will have to wait and see the living arrangements before we shop.

He adores his MacBook Pro (I was eyeballing it and Mr. Funny asked me if I would like one!) (but mine was a Christmas gift and it is still my baby and I don't like to learn new things)
He has been on Finale (a music composing software program that costs about $700- it was a gift from a friend) writing and composing all day along with keeping everyone aware of his every move with FB.
I got kind of weepy in the car with him earlier because the reality of the situation is starting to hit me. He drives me nuts with his mouth and irresponsibility but he is still our first baby and it is so sad to think that he won't be living here and minding our rules and he will have to make his own decisions and I pray they will be good ones.
He is still dependent on us financially though so I can keep him in check a little.

Nick is in the basement with a friend enjoying his last weekend of freedom.
I am going to see Time Traveler's Wife tomorrow even if I have to blackmail Mr. Funny (it is his turn and telling him Sandra Bullock would be naked in The Proposal still did not make it "his" movie!)
I am going to bed.
I will send you off with a picture of my new oatmeal colored JCrew tee and glass bead/grosgrain ribbon necklace.


  1. beautiful tee, necklace and lady! its okay to cry when Nick leaves and its okay to be sad; when my son (he eventually came home because he lost his job) moved out and got his own apartment, I cried for several days (but they I got used to him being gone and then he came home)

    just keep praying for him; you raised a good kid; he'll do great!


  2. I was going to see The Time Traveler's wife tonight and ended up not getting to go! We are going monday instead Let me know how it is.

  3. Belle is right, I forgot about the inevitable Wal-mart/Target trip after the move-in. We were saved this year by the fact that Cait stayed at school over the summer to take a few courses that she wanted and couldn't fit into her fall schedule. Is your son going to be marching? Definitely stock up on sunblock - of course you know this already, but they use ALOT more in college because they aren't limited as to how much they can torture, er, I mean rehearse the band lol. And I promise you, if he is anything like our Cait, there will never be a room big enough to hold all the shoes - we raised a little Imelda! Have fun, this is a scary, but for the most part fun and memorable time! Kathy

  4. corgi- thank you and it is Ashton who is leaving
    stacey- I will!
    kathy- they won't march- no football team!

  5. They did that remodeling mess at my Wal-mart a couple years ago. Ridiculous. It's taken me this long to figure out where they put everything. And just the other day, they decided to put the men's deodorant, men's shaving cream, men's shower gels, etc... all in a separate aisle from the women's. So, like instead of a "deodorant aisle" you now have to determine the sex of the deodorant you want. I swear, they do these things just to make me nuts.

  6. Cute shirt and necklace!

    I hate it when stores do renovations. Especially, when I worked at one that was going through it!! Talk about happy customers.

  7. Put this on the list...Cedar things (bars, balls, not sure exactly because I couldn't find a SINGLE one in all of Clemson yesterday afternoon). Lorelai's closet did NOT smell nice. I got air freshener stick on things to hold her over until I can find some cedar to send.

  8. Wawawa! lol just get it out of the way. You are going to cry - and that is just the way it is. My "baby" went to college in Kirksville (it's called Truman State now) and darned if I didn't cry all the way home. It was much easier with our next one.

    Your bigger challenge is going to be when he comes back home during breaks and heaven forbid for the summer. Ugh. Talk about a challenge! You definitely won't cry when he leaves again after that (at least I didn't...)

    Did I mention that I hate WalMart? But I sure do like the pic of you, the new t and necklace!

    You reminded me - Mr. and I need to go to the movies.


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