Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr. Kotter, I Have a Note......

Honestly, I don't know why you people are still here.
I haven't posted in DAYS, and now here I am posting after a busy week and a visit from my sisters and nephews and I HAVE NO PHOTOS!!!!!
I also just realized that when I got up to take Nick to freshmen orientation, I put my lounge pants on inside out. The tag is sticking out at my right hip.
Anyway, Nick has orientation til 3 and then band practice from 6-9 so I guess you could say that summer is almost over, school starts next week.
He was really pissed that I made him go to orientation but when we picked up A on the way, they were excited about seeing all of their other friends so he got over it.
I also told him he has to read 30 pages a day of To Kill a Mockingbird which irritates him to no end.
His freshman honors english teacher doesn't play around with literary works and she has already sent the list of questions and her supply list months ago so I guess he should get reading!

I had a good time with my sisters.
We were all tired and on our last nerves between my oldest child who has become intolerable again and her 2 which were whiny and bored.
My youngest sister came with and she seemed to want to be elsewhere as well.
I had not caught up on my sleep since the hellish last weeks activities and after spending all day cleaning the house and doing laundry and shopping for more dorm stuff and buying a computer for Ash and trying to figure out what to eat because I still haven't gone to the store (have I mentioned that they are remodeling our Walmart? and it is impossible to find anything? and I am not the most patient person?)
As long as we have milk and Frosted Flakes, it is all good because we eat the other meals somewhere else.

We did have a delicious lunch at Chilis and then went to the ginormous outlet mall an hour away to get some school clothes for my nephews.
We rented a double stroller shaped like a racecar (mistake #1, those things are bulky and hard to maneuver) and decided it was a nice day and we would walk all over the outdoor mall.
Mistake #2.
It got up to 100 degrees (I think my sister was looking at Seattle's weather forecast when she said the high was 75) and the humidity was 256% and I was wearing 5 hour shoes.
You know, the kind that you can wear but after a certain amount of time, the skin starts coming off your feet and the bone protrudes.
Damn fashion.

The kids were actually not too bad but WE were whiny and hot and the Gap and BR were huge disappointments to us. I did find a $4 shirt though so all was not lost.
I found a couple of shirts and an adorable grosgrain ribbon beaded necklace at JCrew, 2 pair of flip flops and some $3 t's at Aero for the guys.
Then we had Cold Stone and went home.
We spent a couple of night chilling in the pergola with some Miller Chill beer and good conversation but again, we were just done with it all.

So, my laundry is now done, my house clean and refrig empty so I need to go shopping.
I don't even need a list because I have nothing.
I highly recommend these for comfort.
$20 at Rack Room shoes and the 2nd pair were half off.

I got 2 of these t's at JCrew and they are soft and long and so fabulous.
And the glass bead necklace is in blue.


  1. We knew you would be back.

    Sounds like you had a very hectic, fun and tiring week! Those are some cute flip flops.

    These kids don't understand that college is not like high school. These professors mean business!

  2. It's not even college, it is high school required reading!

  3. of course we are still here; you are one of my favorite blogs to read! Nick will love freshmen orientation; they complain and moan and groan (at least mine did when he was a freshman) but he had a great time and came home and told me about how many cute girls there were, LOL (no wonder he barely graduated).

    sounds like you had a great time with your sisters/family visiting! the weather doesn't sound pleasant though, but I imagine with it being summer, the hot weather is to be expected, not necessarily tolerated, but expected

    they are remodeling our Wal-Mart too; what's up with that?


  4. I'm still here because you make me grin and I can usually figure out in my head exactly where you are in Missouri based on your descriptions (I know, I need a life...)

    We just survived a Wal-Mart remodeling and let me tell you - it is frustrating as hell AFTER the remodel - I still can't find a thing, so I just don't go there.

  5. Harper Lee was a one book author, but what a book!!!!!

    It is told from the little girl's point of view...I'm sure you all already know this...but as a homeschooler, the girl would read anything and everything. The boy, nothing.
    It doesn't matter WHAT they read as long as they read...and then the fire is lit. My son used to get mad because he was older but his little sister would get the Harry Potter book first. It would take her a few hours to finish one and him several days.

    Get the movie and let him watch the movie, it should put the fire under him to read the book. Plus it will give a voice to the characters and the creepy Bo.

    Oh and good one on the pants tag in public.


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