Monday, August 17, 2009

I am disgusted with myself that I had all of these things to do today and hardly accomplished a thing.
We did get Ash some red Converse and I found a pair too, I loaded up on school supplies and looked for a book bag for Ash but found nothing. He wants a Fossil bag like the one he has but larger and so far we have had no luck.
He is not going to leadership camp after all because he has tonsillitis and his wisdom teeth are coming in so he has been a treat to be around all day.
We did have Chili's for lunch (I love the Burger Bites and the blackberry tea) and an iced mocha (Starbucks♥) and I also stocked up on hand soap (7 for $20)at Bath & Body Works.
Ash insisted that he had to have 7 bottles as well because "that is what I am used to using, mom!"

I have been on Facebook too much lately because now that school is starting, it is my connection with all of the other moms for all of the open houses and meetings for band and school.
Yesterday I got a friend request from- get this- a girl from grade school who has been "thinking about me and wondering how I have been for years"
I have no idea who she is and although the name was vaguely familiar, I do not recognize the face.
What do you say? I can't say I don't remember her because I don't want to hurt her feelings but really. No clue.
Of course she is a Farmtown/Farmville lover which I am not.

I am so ready to kill this evil mockingbird that has possessed my youngest son and all of his friends.
This teacher is adamant that they have the book read and questions answered by the first day of school and we got the e-mail on the 4th of August! It said something about how she sent the original letter out in May (we didn't get it) yet all of the kids just started reading it and Nick and his friend Alex have been working on it all day. They have been on the phone and texting all of the other kids too trying to get answers and Alex has had football practice and camps all summer and he just found out about the book yesterday.
Did I mention that all of Nick's good friends except one live in our subdivision and now the one that doesn't might be moving here next month?
Three are football players and two are in band so I will have a lot of cheering on to do at games.
The one that might be moving here isn't in band or sports but he is in student council with all of them and he is always the lead in plays for drama. They are the best group of kids and I am so glad that they have all been friends since they were 3 years old at pre-school.
It is so funny to see them starting to shave and get zits and their voices are changing but I still remember which ones used to pee their pants and throw up in pre-school and which ones used to bite and hit and act bratty.
Nick is an entire year younger than almost all of them because he is a June birthday so he is a little behind in maturity and he is smaller and skinnier but none of them even care.

I am off tomorrow because of a schedule mix-up so I plan to get a lot done!
I really mean it this time too!


  1. I plan to get a lot done today too.

  2. Good luck getting things done today. I'm just hanging on for the weekend and it's only Tuesday. Pretty sad.

  3. you really did get a lot done yesterday, perhaps not all that you wanted to get done, but it seems like you accomplished some really good things! (anytime you get to go to Chili's and Starbucks on the same day is a good thing for me!)

    that is neat that Nick's friends all live close together and that you know them from such a young age! its nice to have that closeness, I am sure, and it also helps that the moms know the kids well, perhaps will help keep them from falling into negative peer pressure down the road

    sorry about Ash's tonsillitis and wisdom teeth; a double whammy for sure! at least he is home so you can give him a good dose of mothering and plenty of orange juice and chicken soup

    hoping you have a good day today; knowing you will get so much more accomplished too!

    have fun with it!


  4. Do you only have a half a million things to do now? I hate it when I plan on getting tons of stuff done and then fritter away the day.

    That is cool that all those kids have grown up together.

  5. I've got Facebook friends trying to get me into Farmville or whatever it is. I REFUSE. My ex-husband was a farmer, and I just can't go there.


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