Monday, August 3, 2009

I am going to begin by gushing about the new (2nd) award that I just received and frankly my dears, I deserve it.
I worked all day yesterday, didn't eat until 6:30 pm (Mexican and a margarita plus a Corona, Eloh)
and then got up and did it all over again today.
I know, waaa. ♪♫ I'm whining.
Can you imagine what my house looked like with the boys and dogs home alone for 2 days?
I went straight from work to the city with Nick to do some school shopping (have I mentioned how much I hate Aeropostale these days? the shirts always end up with holes) so we hit American Eagle, Hollister (could they spray more cologne in there?) and Abercrombie and Fitch (ditto) plus Finish Line, Footlocker, Old Navy, and Game Stop. I was accosted by a very feminine man at The Body Shop about my tree necklace and he was thisclose to me examining it and he so badly wanted one.
I ended up with a cute top ($6 Old Navy) and half priced shoes (buy one get one half off)
Nick ended up with 8 shirts, 2 plaid shorts, socks (Journeys has the best socks in all colors) Puma trainers (his favorite) a battery pack for the XBox, sunglasses, 2 jeans.
Then we ended the day with a hibachi style dinner at Nick's fave place.
Drove an hour home.

Finn had gotten out of the kitchen today and ate an entire loaf of bread, one of my floral arrangements and had set off the house alarm (the company called Mr. Funny in the middle of lunch rush, he couldn't wake up Ash who was dreaming his car alarm was going off) so he started to run home and got a hold of Ash who was mad that he was awakened so rudely at 1pm.
He never fed or let out the dogs and when he found the mess, he left it (college starts in 3 weeks)
The cops never had to be called and the glass break alarm for the office is what went off so I am guessing Finneus Furface knocked the fan over and it hit the window and set the alarm off. The dining room chairs were toppled too and there was fluff from many toys (of his) everywhere.
I told Mr. that I would clean it up when I got home and along with the thousand silk flowers all over the living room, I found 2 of Finn's teeth.

Just so we are clear, the tooth fairy does NOT bring gifts to bad puppies.

I decided to vacuum the entire downstairs and then cleaned the kitchen and ran the washing machine and dishwasher and here I am.

A freaking QUEEN!!!!!!!!
You bet I am.This is from a former homecoming queen (like my sister) and present everyday Queen who just became a new follower of mine.
Welcome Janet!!!!
I love her profile picture!
So, a thousand thank you's and I will accept this title with grace and humbleness.

Now, I need to tag 6 people who deserve the title and i have more than 6 but I will keep it small.
You are all queens! (except the guys, you are jesters, er..... I mean kings)

  1. Mel- you also live with 3 men and you put up with a lot of crap plus we are sisters. Thanks again for the great tops! You will someday look back on these hard times with your kid and smile. Like I do. I think. (again, college starts soon)
  2. Deanna- a great commenter and an all around fun gal! Hope we can meet up someday.
  3. Avon Lady/ Preppy Perception- you are so sweet and positive and you always comment, plus you get to play with make-up and perfume and fun stuff all day. You also have to deal with your hearing loss and you do that with grace!
  4. A Corgi- you are also an awesome commenter, have a cute dog and a great attitude. You deserve an award for your blog!
  5. Housewife Savant- what do I say to someone who makes me laugh (and dry heave) nearly every day. I say nearly because I don't always get to my computer every day. And you stroke my ego with your compliments. May the force be with you and don't drop your tiara when you are kissing the porcelain god.
  6. Stacey- you always comment and you always have something to say that makes me think. I enjoy reading what you write and you make me laugh!
And there are many more:Anyone else, please grab the button!!!!

One more thing (I hope you are still with me...) because the Avon Lady is having a giveaway: and you need to get some good smelling stuff to remind you of the summers when you were young and drowned yourself in coconut oil and fried to a crispy brown. You didn't? Me either....
Go over anyway! You can smell like a pina colada and there is nothing wrong with that!!!
While you are over there, check out her other blog, Preppy Perception.
And buy some Avon!!(she gives a discount) All the cool kids are doing it!

I am taking my tiara and going to bed.
Here is Finney today helping Mr. dig the hole for the Wisteria tree.
I am pretty sure he felt guilty about destroying the entire main level of the house so he was helping out. (notice the dirty snout)


  1. Congrats on your second award. OF COURSE you are the Queen, the Queen of patience, among other things.

    There are more baddogs in bloggy land these days...makes me wanna hug my faildog for being to skeered to stand up straight.

    Thanks for the compliment my friend!

  2. Congrats on your award!!! Aside from the cologne, why does Hollister keep it so dark in there too?

    I will post this tomorrow.

  3. OMG, hilarious! What doggie drama, I love it. I remember those days when ours were still pups.

    I feel your pain when it comes to school shopping. When little red was here she only wanted to shop at those same stores. Trendy? Too loud music, and too many kids made me run the other way.

    Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it. I love your blog and you deserve it, Queen blogger. All hail the Queen!


  4. Congrats to a Queen! and thank you for the award - I am honored. Will display it with pride.

    I think if Finney were my dog he'd be digging his own grave - I think I'll keep my demon dog Chihuahua.

    I started adding up all the school supplies/clothing in my head and bowed my head in thanks that my kids are grown!

    It would be cool to meet one day. I used to be through your area often before I retired, but not so much anymore.

  5. Poo on Finney! Bad - but cute - dog. My head would have exploded clean off my shoulders if I had witnessed that recently. Good thing it was you. Sort of...

    Thanks for the award. I needed that.

  6. I can't even stand to walk past Abercrombie because of the smell! I don't know how the people can stand to work there!

    I have been pretty lucky with Scarlett, she has never really torn up anything. She does like to get into the bathroom trash every once in awhile and pull out all the kleenex, and she likes to play with socks but doesn't tear them up.

    How do you make those musical notes?

    Thanks for the award, Queen Funny!

  7. congrats on your award; surely you are deserving of it, especially after spending that many hours shopping in those stores that you were subjected to go into (honestly, my son hates the thought of going in to any of those stores--American Eagle, A&F, etc). Seems like a great productive shopping trip and I love hibachi types of restaurants; always tasty

    I was laughing a lot about Ash and being upset because his sleep was disturbed at 1 p.m.; I can so relate to that; my son rarely gets up before noon and that is considered "early" for him

    That dog of yours! what an adventure he had in your house; sounds like a lot of mess he was able to accomplish in such a short period of time!

    thank you so much for your kind words and for giving me the award!! that was very sweet of you!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    enjoy the day :)


  8. Who doesnt love the title of QUEEN???? :)

    LOVE an Old Navy Sale... they are my favorite!

  9. Thank you very much for the tiara. I will wear it...and hold on to it tight if my hubby tries to tell me to take it off for a moment :)

    And Housewife Savant is so freaking hilarious!! Love her!!


  10. First of all congratulations on your much deserved award :) Secondly thank you so much for mine as well, you're too kind it really made my day.

  11. YAY YAY YAY...I truly love awards, especially one that involves a tiara. You are too kind!


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