Friday, August 28, 2009

I am having Zebra Cakes with my coffee for breakfast. MMMMMMMMMM
Have you had one? They taste like cupcakes.
I want to do a Fashion Friday like Big Mama but when I read hers, it reminded me that I have no idea what is in style for fall yet because I have been consumed with getting my son off to college and the only things I have purchased for myself lately are stretchy and have an elastic waist (not jeans, I won't go there)
Although if I keep eating these damn Zebra Cakes, I will have to get some.

I have a photo of myself in 1990 in a long rainbow striped cardigan and a perm.
Loved that sweater. (we will never mention the perm again, okay? and I am fairly confident that picture will not be found for another 15 years- I found it in a box in the garage when we were moving last year)

I was a fan of the skinny zippered ankle Guess jean but back then I was skinny and had ankles.
That is one fashion item that I will never do again- the skinny jean.

I also wore cowboy boots but that was even further back and I actually had a horse.
I am seriously considering a pair but don't quote me.
I have changed my mind before.

I love the ruffled shirts for fall. I have a few now (because I am so hip) but the ones I saw at BR made me giddy and I need to find a few more.
This sweater, I want to marry.
It is from Anthropologie.
The others are BR.

The rest are from Gap.
Oh Coach, how I love thee.........

Don't get me going on boots and shoes.
I have to go get ready for my lunch date.
Have a wonderful weekend.
I will be cleaning, no doubt.


  1. I am obsessing over a pair of brown leather biker boots, and I really love these sweaters. I need to get a job to feed my habit.
    (I'm also in desperate need of a purse!)

    I was most impressed with Matt because he got it all in the toilet. Something that probably won't be repeated.

  2. lovin those sweaters..omg, I'm a sweater freak. my faves are the longer button up cardigans--and those bags. *holy crap* beautiful!!

  3. Those clothes are cute! and the purses! Remember the jeans that had stipes in the back and were solid in the front? I can't wait to get all my fall clothes out. I need to do some shopping for some new ones though. Or...I could just come raid your closet!

  4. I love Zebra Cakes and just about anything else that evil Little Debbie makes. I can't have them in the house, though, because I can't stop at just one. So, so good!

    From what I'm seeing in the stores, it seems little plaid tops are in for women. I had to buy one yesterday, which I am now wearing with my jeans and cowboy boots. (And even though I have horses, these boots have never been anywhere close to the barn!)

    I am in love with each and every fashion pic that you posted. You have fantastic taste! :)

  5. enjoy lunch! I enjoyed reading this; I don't think I've ever been fashion savvy; I tend not to know what's in or what's out of fashion, but I always admire those that know what the current styles are :)


  6. I think it really shows my age that I remember wearing all these 80's clothes back like ya know in the 80's. I'm totally having flashbacks from all the leggings and plaid shirts.

    Now these tops here are adorable though.


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