Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am impossibly tired and my feet hurt but I had a great day so that is all that counts, right?
First thing this morning, my car got picked up to be detailed.
They cleaned the inside, shampooed the carpets, washed, hand buffed and waxed, the wheel wells were painted, tires/wheels cleaned, etc.

After work I took Ashton to the city for HIS shopping trip.
I had planned to go to Bed Bath & Beyond and Target for dorm supplies but one of the girls at work sent me to Kohl's (never go there) and they did not disappoint!
I found an extra long twin mattress pad for $13, jersey sheets for $13 and the softest blankets for $20. Plus towels for $7, and not the rough ones. Also a desk lamp and laundry bag.
Everything was 40-75% off!
Why have I not been going there all this time?
He also found some name brand athletic shorts for half off.

Then we went to the mall (he really doesn't need any clothes but I gave him money to get whatever else he wanted)
He went straight to Pac Sun and grabbed an armload of t-shirts to take to the fitting room, came out and said, "I am getting all of these, let's go" and then we were done.
Well, kind of.
He got sidetracked at American Eagle and got a couple pair of jeans.
And then we were done.

At some point, he had called a friend from Youth Symphony who met us at the mall and we tried to figure out what to eat.
She suggested a sushi place that we had never been to and it was divine!!!!!

Great sales, fast shopping, and awesome sushi.
Doesn't get much better.

We picked up Ashton's new car yesterday. A Jeep Compass. Here is what it looks like: (remember his G6 didn't have anti-lock breaks and was not safe to drive in the winter)

Tomorrow the big convention starts and we will be busy for 4 days.
I am going to bed.
I hope everyone had a great day, I have no time to read any blogs but I will catch up tomorrow.


  1. I love Ashton's new car! that is awesome! he will arrive in style! good shopping day! so glad you got to spend time with him and got to enjoy some sushi too!

    good luck over the next 4 days; sounds like it will be a busy time for sure


  2. Wham, bam is GOOD when it's happens while shopping.

  3. My goodness girl, where have you been hiding to not have discovered Kohls? Birthday shopping in nonexistent for me anymore because everyone is thrilled with gift cards from Kohls. I usually give the grandkids their gift card and go shopping with them. That is always a blast to see what they choose.

    I wish I had time to travel the hour or so it would take to listen to the gospel group and discover where your restaurant is... Maybe next year...

  4. Oooh! You used his full name! You called him Ashton instead of Ash! Bad mom!

    Cute care. Will you buy me something since you're in the mood? I could use something to lift me up.

  5. That is a cute car. Umm..next time you go shopping,take me with you! I need some new clothes too!

  6. Nice car.

    Reminds me mine needs to be detailed quite badly.

  7. Shopping with men (or boys!) is so very different from shopping with women (or girls)!

  8. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. I love the award, but I have not a clue how to claim it and post it on my blog..a little help please :)


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