Thursday, August 20, 2009

The One Where the Crazy Chick Gets the Award

I got a new award today!
Why does it seem like people know when I am having a bad week and give me awards when I need them the most?
This one is from Deanna who I have only known a short time but she thinks I am funny and I love her posts as well so there.

Thank you Deanna!!!!
Work was so quiet and pleasant today as opposed to the hell that was yesterday.
I am seriously ready to torture and maim a couple of the guys.
Enough said.
I already dwelled on it and lost some sleep so I will pull out all the stops and push it away.

We had some nasty storms last night and I had to wake Nick out of a sound sleep to head to the basement (he was so happy) and the power was out for 30 min or so.
I had to walk in the light of my cell phone to find the Maglight under the bed (note to intruders- if the dogs, alarm, and guns don't stop you, the 8,043 pound Maglight will.
I promise.

I am pretty sure that I cracked a bone in my elbow yesterday. I turned a corner (that wasn't there minutes earlier) and hit it HARD on the counter.
I saw stars (it wasn't my funny bone) and moons and pink clovers and blue diamonds.
I also said a word (quietly) that would cause my mother (if she were still on this earth) to cleanse the inner sanctum of my mouth with Dawn.
If your elbow is broken, can you take a week off from work and go someplace with strong drinks and warm sand?
Didn't think so.

I am turning 40 in December and to celebrate (if I am not in the pokey for murder one) I want to go somewhere to get away; maybe a girls weekend with my sisters.
New York city would be fun (although cold but I have a cute coat) or maybe somewhere I haven't been. Vegas? LA?
I hate to fly but I would take my chances.
Anyway, I want to plan it now (if I have to go alone I will) so tell me where I should go.
I probably cannot do overseas or even Hawaii (unless I win Powerball Sat.)
Also, I would like to extend the offer to my sisters and/or husband.
Really this is a pipe dream (what IS a pipe dream anyway?)
Nevermind, Wikipedia told me.

  • Operation Pipe Dreams, the code-name for a U.S. nationwide investigation in targeting businesses selling drug paraphernalia. (interesting)
  • A pipe dream is a fantastic hope or plan that is generally regarded as being nearly impossible to achieve.

Now I really want to go.

Maybe we should all meet up somewhere and make a weekend of it.

Who used to love the Angry Beavers? Me, that's who!

and because I love both of these ridiculous songs, here are a few videos to cheer me up: (is that electrical tape?)


  1. I am so there. Just don't make it on Little's birthday. I think we could properly tear it up on a four-day weekend to Vegas. Or Florida would be nice. Or we could head to Stamps and see if they actually have vampires and werewolves. Any of those or others, I'm down.

  2. OMG! That is electrical tape!

    I have a maglight next to my bed too. It could (and would) do major damage!

  3. Congrats on your award! Anything sparkly is a good thing!

  4. congrats on your award!! and to answer your question, yes, if your elbow is broken, you should get off at least 2 weeks (why stop at 1) from work and it is mandatory that you recuperate where it is warm with strong drinks

    December is lovely weather in Southern California! lots to do here too.......(what day in December, we share the same month, but alas, I'm not turning 40, wish I was, 40 plus 12 this year, geesh, now I need a warm place with strong drinks)

    glad work was a quiet one today


  5. Wow I have missed you! In a public library for internet and laughing OUT LOUD!! I'm right there with you but since the unemployment I think I could gooooooooooo.......NO WHERE!! BTW that is one big 'ol maglight you have there!

  6. I think both New York and LA are both fabulous places to visit. I wouldn't want to live either place, but love to visit. Never been to Vegas, and I have no desire to go, but that's just me.

    Congratulations on your latest award!


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