Saturday, August 22, 2009

♫ I'm goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come ♫ ♪

I was able to get my kitchen back together. There are some things to load in the car and some clothing to be packed but we are mostly ready to go.
The rest of the house needs a good vacuuming and dusting which will wait til next week (or Sunday)
We tried a new dog food yesterday and it has a higher protein content and the dogs love it. Plus it is cheaper than Iams. The only problem is it is hard to find so I have to pre-order it. It is also made locally so we are supporting local business owners.
We are leaving for Kansas City in a couple of hours and I dread the long car ride but thankfully I got my new In Style the other day and it is 2 inches thick. All I need to pick up is an Us and a People and off we go.

They put Ash with the wrong roommate so I am not sure if the room we are moving him into is the one he will remain in or not. I know it is a brand new dorm.
One of his snooty, spoiled little girl friends is going to school in Indiana and she got the worst dorm with no air conditioning. ha!
Her mommy won't be able to do a thing about it either. She was making snide comments to Ash about me being overprotective and not letting him do his own packing for school.
In my defense, he had all of his rock collection, his fountain, his room decor, and his t-shirts packed yesterday.

That's it.

He also drank a half case of bottled water and ate all of the pizza leftovers (there was a lot) and made a huge mess. He washed 4 things at a time in the huge washing machine and dried all of my shirts that I had in the washer ready to start before I left for work yesterday. As in all the way dry. Shrinking and wrinkling the crap out of them and he threw a dark new shirt in with my lights and now our new pale yellow band shirts are spotted with dark blue spots.
I refuse to do one more thing for him packingwise.
He just finally brought down his sweaters and socks and dress shirts.
I am going to shower now.
Enjoy your weekend!
What will you be doing?
Kona and Finn will be going to Grandma's house. Molly and Skip too but I didn't have a photo.

Finn is showing you his new big boy teeth. I kept finding all these teeth everywhere that I didn't remember finding when the other 3 were puppies.
I remember picking up these white things on the carpet and was kind of grossed out when I realized what they were.
Puppy teeth and large ones at that.


  1. puppy teeth are sharp if I remember correctly!! love your kitchen now that I can see it better! looks roomy!

    I had to laugh that Ash's washing adventures....makes you wonder how he will succeed at college in this endeavor.....

    safe travels, although I know you are already on the road.


  2. I can't believe the transformation of your kitchen. Nice.

    That is one thing I don't miss - my kids ruining my clothes!

  3. Sounds like you are ready to go. The laundry story cracked me up. I rescind my previous suggestion of quarters for the laundry room - maybe you should get him an Old Navy credit card (definitely just kidding!) Have a safe trip. Kathy (Oh, and that puppy is adorable - it looks like he's showing off his new teeth!)

  4. Honey, this is all God's way of helping you get ready to let go. It happens at our house every year when it's time for one of our kids to go back to school.


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