Friday, August 14, 2009

Look there goes another rubber tree plant

Since I survived (barely) my trip to Walmart the other day, I decided it would be great fun to make another giant list of things I still need to get for Ashton for college, and throw myself in headfirst.
We bought him a first aid kit but the things he might need that we always have on hand here at home are not in it so I have to empty it and refill it with necessary items.
Immodium, alcohol, (not the kind you drink, I drank all that this week)tweezers, nasal spray, Burts Bees lip balm, Advil, neosporin, Benadryl, Alka Seltzer Cold, etc.....
The list grows daily so I ask this pertinent question.
Why don't they figure in these costs when they say college will be $25,000 a year???????
What they mean is $25,000 a year plus all the crap you have in your house that your spoiled and pampered child has become used to and cannot possibly live without.

I know I said I was sending him off with a case of poptarts, a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper and a smile but when it gets down to the wire, I still gave birth to him and I don't want him to be uncomfortable or sick or sad.
Maybe I just need someone to hit me over the head with a textbook (haven't got the bill for those yet)
Maybe I need a friend.
Maybe I need a drink.

Anyway, I am sure I have missed a few things so if you can think of any other college stuff that I might have forgotten (I know they have stores there and he can go every week to get stuff but I want him to have everything to start with) let me know.
Cause I thought I was almost done.
And the list goes on and on.
And now Mr. Funny needs some stuff too (doesn't he know how busy I am going insane????)
And Ashton has informed me that only Walgreens carries some of the stuff he needs.


  1. A few rolls of quarters to encourage him to do his laundry in the dorm laundry room and not bring EVERYTHING home dirty when he comes home and raise your water bill to obscene levels. Hey, it's worth a shot. Kathy

  2. My kit for college (oh so 9 years ago as a freshman) included all the things mentioned but also: Sunscreen, peroxide, sewing kit (he might meet someone that needs/or knows how to use this), dry gatorade mix, wal-mart/grocery store gift card, prestamped envelopes/stationery, easy mac and basic tools like a screwdriver/hammer/duct tape. Easy Mac sounds disgusting but seriously necessary. Hope this helps!!

  3. I hate to have to tell you this, but after you get the car unloaded and all of the stuff in his room, you're going to have to make another trip to Walmart or Target. You'll realize that you need something (it could be anything from a hammer and nails to instant oatmeal) but you WILL have to go get something. For us last year it was coat hangers and a computer cable...oh, and a trashcan and milk.

  4. Thank you girls! Some more for my list but good things to add!!

  5. seems like you are covering all bases; I can't think of anything else you haven't thought of (except Kleenex's for you when you have to say goodbye to him)



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