Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Like it Hot (and some sweat when the heat is on)

Since school starts tomorrow and I am spiraling toward another dark period, I thought I would share a funny story.

Last week at band camp (last summer at band camp sounds funnier)one of Nick's friends' father was sitting in front of the school in his Mercedes McLaren waiting for M to go to dinner break; (the kind of money they have, they should implant a GPS in that kid- he is always missing) I waved and said hi from my car, meanwhile, M was already at dinner with some of the older guys who drive already. I asked Nick where M was and he said at Steak N Shake so I told Nick to tell M's dad.
He said M's dad already knew (I should have told him myself but he was on his phone and I didn't want to be rude) because he thought M had called him. Yeah right!
I dropped Nick at Steak N Shake (I won't let him drive with teenagers) and told him to tell M to call his dad to be sure.
I then stopped at our restaurant to talk to Mr. Funny who mentioned that M's dad had just popped his head in the restaurant to see if M was there and Mr. Funny told him where he thought they were. He said the dad looked furious (and said he loved the car- I put it on his Christmas list of things I will most definitely get for him) HA!

Fast forward to the last day of camp while I was serving lunch.
I walked over to Nick's table (with 10 boys from age 14 to 18) and asked M if he got into trouble the other night.
"No, why?" he said
"Your dad came into the restaurant the other night looking for you and he looked HOT!" (meaning angry)

Fatal error- discovered as soon as the words came out of my mouth.
Loud, raucous laughter, clapping and slamming hands down with glee...
Entire cafeteria of 160 plus kids and adults turn their heads.

"Dude, she thinks your dad is HOT"
"She totally wants your dad!"

I just put up my hand in defeat, shook my head and walked away.


  1. LOL; oh my, I bet you wanted a "redo" and say different words (I agree with you about not allowing Nick to ride with teens, especially lots of teens in a car; wise choice mom)

    don't go into a dark period......I know its school and I know Ash is leaving......but......it will be okay......


  2. I take it these were drumline kids - just kidding. This brings back so many memories! I'll bet you knew the minute that word came out of your mouth you were in for it. Thanks for the morning belly laugh! Kathy

  3. LOL you asked for it.

    I can't believe M didn't get in trouble though...

  4. You totally had that coming. First rule in addressing a group: consider your audience.


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