Friday, September 18, 2009

Destination Procrastination

You all will be thrilled to know that I hauled all of my fall decor up from the basement.
It is sitting all over the living room where it will remain til I get the urge to figure out where it goes.

This is a photo of my house last year in the fall.
It was taken from the road and you can see that there was nothing exciting about the outside decor.
The neighbors were ashamed.
In our other house, I always had a straw bale and lots of cornstalks and pumpkins and a scarecrow on the porch. And lots of mums.
There was always straw getting dragged in and it was a mess but I didn't care.
I remember thinking, when we bought this house almost 2 years ago, that the porch would be perfect for a fall display.
Last fall was the first one without my mom and I never got in the mood to do much decorating.
I did not even get a pumpkin.

The fall arrangement on the door was made by the general manager at work.
Mr. Funny told her I had nothing on the door and she made it for me.

I think I will put it somewhere else this year and get a big wreath.

I still have this mat.
It will go out tomorrow this year again.

This wooden pumpkin sign has jack o lanterns faces and says Happy Halloween on the other side.
After Halloween, I turn it to this side. It says Fall Welcome.

I will probably get the straw bale and pumpkins in a week or 2.
I might use the large fake ones til I get the real ones.
I want to take the boys to the pumpkin patch and corn maze like when they were younger.
I always got lots of mums and gourds and the pumpkins were way overpriced but it was a fun time.

Yes, I am in a sweater.
It was 74 degrees for the high and I was chilly when I was getting dressed for work yesterday.
I bought this sweater last year and it is still cool this year.
It is long enough to wear as a dress and looks cute with leggings.
Not on me though.


  1. Can't wait to see the rest. I have never finished my decorating.

  2. so excited to see your fall decorations..You looked beautiful in your pic!...

  3. these were last years, I hope it looks better this year!

  4. I love your house (but I don't covet it, well I coveted it for just a moment, but then I thought about cleaning it and then I stopped coveting it :)

    it looks really nice and roomy; perfect for your family I bet

    loved the decorations you showed; can't wait to see what you do this year with the house

    I know what you mean about not feeling like doing much after your mom passed; my mom died 12 days before Christmas 3 years ago. I didn't even put up a tree that year; thankfully son wanted a ticket back to Montana for Christmas to spend Christmas break with his friends and hubby was okay with not decorating or doing Christmas that year. Still hard to think about decorating around that I get it

    love your sweater; you are so beautiful!

    enjoy your fall like weather; we are heading back into summer with 105 degree temps for the next week forecasted

    enjoy :)


  5. You are putting me in the mood to decorate! I have my mums but that is about it. I noticed the leaves are starting to turn along the bluffs here. I love fall!

  6. It's all so gorgeous and it makes me want to take a walk outside and cuddle up in a sweater that doesn't look good on me either!

  7. I hope the spirit of fall will fall on you in a fabulous way. I can't imagine my world without my Mom in it. So here's a big hug for you. ((((((HUG))))))) Thanks for posting such fun, and beautiful pics. You are a keeper!

    Oh yeah--a quick question... Is one of your Shepard's a Belgium Shepard? We had one growing up. Best dog for kids. That dog literally saved me and my sister from getting hit by a car. She was so special.


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