Friday, September 18, 2009

"Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?" (name that movie)

I again have a headache and I am going to blame allergies.
I could also blame Molly because she has been outside barking at squirrels and rabbits and air all morning.

Do you think Jessica Simpson wants a new dog?
I could totally hook her up- Molly is way to heavy to be carried away by a coyote.
Boy she would make a helluva meal though.
And by the way, if you see your dog being carried away by a coyote, wouldn't you chase it?
How fast do you think a coyote can run with a dog in it's teeth? (that dog was fairly big)
Maybe that creepy Tony Romo kidnapped it and she thought it was a coyote because it had teeth and hair.
She isn't all that bright now is she?

Can you tell from the range of topics so far that I am avoiding the decorations that cover both of my sofas, my fireplace and half of the floor?
I am indeed.
I have to start my morning reading Bye Bye, Pie! because she will make you laugh every single time.
And Big Mama is a must also.
That is how I enjoy my coffee.
And then I read everyone else.

After spending $50 on a new camera battery charger and $100 on a new memory card- I could have bought a new camera.
I don't know where I lost these things but they always stay right by my computer so I have no idea where they are.
I got pictures of some of the new Halloween stuff.


  1. Heathers...
    I have had a headache the last couple days also. Love all the fall decorations. Now... step away from blogger and put them up!
    I probably would of went screaming after the coyote if it took off with my Scarlett! It is pretty sad though. I did go read Bye,Bye,Pie and she is pretty funny.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. those are all cute decorations; I love the smiley ghost

    I would have thrown a rock or something at that coyote; poor dog. They warn us all the time here in So. Calif to watch out for small pets and little kids because of our coyote population. Whenever I see a missing dog/cat poster and its for a small one, my first thought is "coyote"

    I bet you are up there decorating and organizing as I speak :)


  3. Heathers!!!!

    I LOVE your new decor. It is so cute. Where did you get it all?

    I also agree about Molly. Jess would love her because she couldn't get carried off, but Jess also prefers dogs that fit into that million dollar Coach bag she has for it.


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