Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun with Finn

Mr. Funny got home a little bit ago and asked me what was wrong with Finn's eyes.
Like I notice the eyes of a dog who runs full force around the house chasing Molly and barking and knocking over furniture.
It's like the movie Funny Farm except instead of the dog running out of the house and away, he runs in circles from the dining room to the office to the living room and kitchen and then back to the dining room.
Makes me crazy.
Anyway. His eyes are swollen.
Freaky swollen and he could care less.
He has a one track mind.
"Must chase Molly" must go through his head all night because as soon as he wakes up, he chews Skip's head for awhile and then chases Molly around the yard all morning.
I did some research, which means I typed 'German Shepherd with swollen eyes'  into Google and got "see a vet and give him Benadryl"
The Benadryl part is done and he is napping.
In fact he is out cold, so either he wore himself out knocking over my chairs or the Benadryl is a miracle drug which I may or may not use again.
And again.

I have to go to bed soon.
I think I will take a Benadryl first.
If I go to bed first I won't have to carry this sack of potatoes drug-induced coma dog upstairs to his bed.


  1. allergies perhaps?? I know this week Koda's right eye is watering a lot and the same thing happened last year at this time; maybe I'll have to try some Benadryl......

    hoping Finn gets better soon


  2. Ahhhh I hope he feels better. Not to sure but I'm assuming its the same as humans so don't give it to him for more thn 7 days. Take him to the vet if it doesn't go down. Wouldn't want it to be anything major

  3. My dog had this happen a while back, except she was pawing at hers and stuff. I ended up taking her to the vet, and he thought it was because, well, my other dog peed on her head. And I was so freaked out, I washed her head with whatever soap was right there, not the doggie soap. So, pee, or soap, one of the two irritated her eyes. I hope that's not what's wrong with your dog!

  4. Maybe something bit him. Heck, what do I know? I hope the swelling goes down quickly.

  5. I'm telling you, the stuff is a life saver. And for some reason, Robitussin is, too. Go figure.


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