Friday, September 11, 2009

Tuesday September 11, 2001

I was driving the boys to school.
There was a slight chill in the air but the sky was the brightest blue and the wispy clouds and bright sunshine reminded me of an early summer day.
The radio was on one of those local morning shows and the two deejays were talking.
"Some idiot just flew his plane into the side of the World Trade Center"
They laughed about how dumb someone could be to to do such a thing.
They thought someone had commit suicide in a private plane or ran off course.
Subject was changed and when I got home I told Mr. Funny about it.
"I guess a small plane hit the World Trade Center awhile ago" I told him.
"Probably a terrorist attack" he said. (he had not had the tv or radio on at all- it was an assumption)
I turned the tv on and minutes later the other tower was hit.
He was right.
I was glued to the tv all day and for days after that.
I called people I knew that lived near or worked in the city.
My sister in law knew someone who was working at the Marriott that was injured.
Her friends' husband was supposed to be at work in his office nearby but was at home that day doing paperwork.

In November, we went to visit my husbands sister in Jersey and spent a day in New York City (we had been there a couple of times before)
You couldn't go into the Statue of Liberty.
We got as close as we could to the site.
The guys went to the Empire State Building.
I stayed behind (no heights for me) and sat with my issue of In Style magazine at Sbarros pizza.
It was busy and some people came in covered head to toe with dust.
They looked like they had rolled in flour.
People around me stopped eating and stared.
They were the workers from ground zero.
Two months later and there was still so much dust that anyone nearby had a film of it on them.
These people had been digging for bodies, parts, any way to help id the many still missing.
I put down my head and cried.

A couple years later we went again.
There was a chain link fence around the site.
It was a huge hole in the middle of the earth.
Wall street was nearby and I saw all the men in their suit walking around on their lunch hour.
I remember we walked all the way around the site.
There were still buildings nearby with broken windows way up near the tops of them.
There were cranes on top of some of them, still cleaning up damage.
There was a concrete stairway in the hole. Still there. Hadn't been moved.
I wondered where the stairs had led.

This was taken in 1999.

This was in November of 2001.
Top of the Empire State building.
(These are pictures of pictures so they aren't great)


  1. I was just going to blog to express my rememberance of all of those who lost their lives that day and those who defend our freedom today, but your post inspired me to share my personal experience from that day, too. I will do that this afternoon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  2. truly a sad day for lives lost, families shattered, dreams torn apart.......

    it is eerie to look at old pictures with 2 towers and then now they are gone.....


  3. I don't think anyone who lived through that day will ever forget it. I remember looking at my husband and saying that we would never be able to take Cait to the top of the World Trade Center as we had planned. Isn't it silly, but that's when it really hit home for me. Until that point, it just seemed surreal. God bless all those who were affected by this horrible tragedy. Kathy

  4. I was briefly in NY for a convention in the late 90's. We only had an afternoon in NYC. There was so much to see and do. Finally 4 of us decided we had to go to the top of the NY Trade Center. We were so late that we were the last elevator to the top that day. I still have my ticket stub to prove it. How was I to know that that would be my only chance? TY for the pictures and the memories. It is still so sad and always will be.

  5. I was there last October and it amazed me that still nothing has been erected on that site. Security is super tight around there too.


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