Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. Funny and I spent the day out of town shopping.
He loves malls (he doesn't) and all day shopping trips (he really doesn't- I am lying)
We started at Best Buy where I finally got a new charger for my camera battery.
I will probably find the one I lost soon.
$60. Ugh.

Actually, we started at a car wash place where they detail your entire car in 15 minutes.
Mr. Funny has been playing in the mud a lot and I was starting to get embarassed by the filthiness of it all.

We got some water pitchers and tongs and a pie cutter for work at the restaurant supply store.

At Sam's Club, I found some great fleece Perry Ellis sleep pants, flannel Izod sleep pants, a Hurley long sleeved t-shirt, and 4 pairs of cute and soft wool socks.
I also ended up with 4 giant bags of chips, a case of bottled root beer (for floats), grapes, Boursin cheese, cherry cheese danish, a case of Shasta assorted soda and a chocolate creme cake.
Who went shopping on an empty stomach?
Was it me?
Do I now have a house full of crap (do the grapes cancel out the rest?) food?

I also got some nice solar lights for the front of the house.
How long do you think they will sit in the garage?
Til the ground is frozen, I imagine.
Then I will have an excuse for why they are in the garage.

We had a fabulous lunch at Olive Garden.
7,262 places to eat and we go to the same 2 places.
I was not in a sushi mood. OG it was.
I got the stuffed chicken marsala
It was between that and the steak gorgonzola- I adore moldy cheese.
He got the shrimp caprese.

While we were eating, I was plotting and planning my trip to Pier 1.
I could see that they had a big sale when we drove by and I was NOT leaving town til I found out what they had on sale.
Oh sweet mother!
The fall decor!
The Halloween stuff!
The furniture that I love and don't need but have to have.

Words can't fully describe it but I will take a couple photos tomorrow.
I still need a table runner for fall.

Oh, and Tuesday Morning had the cutest Halloween kitchen towels that I had to have.

I am done for now.
Got to get ready for bed before that damn cake drags me into the kitchen and forces me to eat it!


  1. I told my mom the other day that I think I'm about 10 years away from really decorating for fall the way I'd like to... I just don't have the physical or financial energy to do what I would like! :) I'm living vicariously through your fall shopping. Photos, please!

  2. Those damn cakes tend to do that!
    I loved pier 1, but we don't have one anymore. I have never heard of Tuesday Morning??? What kind of store is that?

  3. Pier One is a killer for me too. I close my eyes when I drive by it (haven't wrecked the car yet...)

    Hubby loves to shop - and I'm not kidding. I'm the one who doesn't care for shopping. Wierd, huh.

    All in all, it sounds like a fun day!

  4. Ok, I have to go to Pier 1 and stay away from Sam's Club. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I think I heard the cake calling all the way over here; why is it at place's like Sam's Club or Costco we go in for just a few things and come out several hundred dollars later?

    sounds like you guys had a great time together; yummy with lunch at Olive Garden; I love their lemon cake dessert

    enjoy the day


  6. I'm trying to be a good girl on a budget ... hence why I'm keeping my butt at home. I know that if I venture out, I won't be able to resist all of the fall decor. I'll live vicariously through you. Can't wait to see pics!

    P.S. The cherry cheese danish sounds heavenly. I haven't had that in a long time. Yum!

  7. Okay, I love the chocolate creme cake from Costco and that is why I am fat. Well I'm fat for so many other foods as well, but that cake has not helped. I also like going to Tuesday Morning, but sometimes you really have to dig for a good find. If I could, I would just live in Pier 1. Please shop for all of us who can't, we salute you.


  8. I just love decorating, especially from Pier 1. Love that store!!!


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