Friday, September 4, 2009

My son is now settled into his new college and he was welcomed with OPEN ARMS- late and all.  
After we pulled him from the college from hell other place, my husband immediately started calling some of the other schools where he had applied and some of them had already closed admissions for the semester but my favorite one from months ago said they could get him in but he needed to get there THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!!
He got there and was immediately put in the top band and orchestra chairs and also the vocal program plus the percussion pit in the marching band.
He had auditioned last fall and again later so he didn't have to re-audition.

My mother-in-law took him a couple of days ago and we went today to pay for his parking pass and give him his new debit card and some mad money.
We got to meet most of the staff and when they found out about the lack of safety at the other school and the harassment issues (we were vague on that part to protect him), they were really accommodating.
I never so much as saw an adult on the other campus (we did check him in on a weekend though)

We didn't see him because he was in class but we did see so much warmth and a family atmosphere and this time when we left, I felt at peace.

 The Little One had his first football game to march at tonite and since it rained the entire time, they played in the stands. I checked to see if they were marching on the field at halftime and when they said no, I stayed home.
Long day, too tired to stand in the rain for football. 

I hope Mr. Funny can come home tomorrow and relax because he has been on the phone all week with detectives, counselors, school officials, and the staff at the new college plus working extra shifts in the kitchen (we finally hired a new cook- we will see) because we are short-staffed.
He really does go above and beyond for us and we don't tell him enough.
Maybe we can see a movie and go to dinner, haven't done that in a long time.

I need to get some things done around here.
Thank you for your sweet comments!!
Have a great holiday weekend!

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  1. glad college son likes his new school and is already starting to get plugged in there!

    I agree, wouldn't be fun to be watching the marching band in the rain

    hoping you and hubby get some downtime in this weekend; you guys deserve it



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