Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Musings by Funny

What the crap is wrong with people today?
I went to work in a good mood and it went downhill from there.
People did not want to sit where I was seating them (we are playing by my rules today, it is MY show), they complained about the food, the service (a snotty waitress- none of them are snotty- lazy maybe but not snotty), the rain (sorry 'bout that- do you have 4 muddy dogs tramping through your kitchen too?), the humidity (goes along with the heat and rain mix), the hashbrowns (too crisp), the pancakes (too done), etc.......
I mentioned to the other manager that there was an unusual amount of complainers.
She said "well there is a full moon and , you have been off the last 2 Sundays Funny!"

Ah yes.
My vacation.
Helping my child :
a. move in to the college from hell
b. rescue said child
c. move him again
Kind of like a vacation.

A couple of my favorite guests asked how my vacation was.
"You don't really want to know"
Is that what the other employees told them? That I was on holiday?

One of our useless cooks called in at 2:55 (3:00 shift) to tell us that he might be having a heart attack and he would have to see and let us know if he was coming in or not..
He is a whiner and always has issues. Back pain, leg pain, tired, doesn't think he can make it through an entire shift, blah blah
The manager asks him, "when will you know for sure if it is a heart attack?, I need to get your shift covered"
He wasn't sure.
These things are never clear until you see the bright light and by then it is usually too late for a cordial phone call.
We got it covered.
He had better be there Tuesday with either a pacemaker or a doctors note.
Thousands without jobs and he farts around with his.

See how the crankiness wears off on me.

My sisters and brother were all together for D's b-day.
I called with my margarita in hand so it would feel like I was there too.
My new brother-in-law was holding a large ceramic frog in his lap and petting it, they were listening to vintage Madonna and New Kids on the Block.
Talking about some weird guy on Big Brother who wears pink spandex and has a six pack.
I am missing out.

I told them we all need to get together to see New Moon so we can scream with the teens at the theater.
It will be more bearable if we have flasks in our purses (like in the 10th grade at the teen dance clubs our parents dropped us off at)
We are in talks of a trip to Vegas for my 40th in December.

I hate to fly.
Better get a Xanax prescription soon.
There is some Beatles type show they want to see.
'Love', I think it is called.
Not so much.
I just want to walk around and look at the lights and see the cool hookers.
Easily amused.

I need to go to bed.
Maybe we will grab the Little One and go on a road trip tomorrow.
We once went on a long road trip and stopped at this Civil War era house that was a haunted house/ice cream parlor/antiques store.
I would love to find it again.

My sisters went to a Murder Mystery House for my sisters Bachelorette party; it had been featured on Ghost Hunters.
I really want to go there and I am fascinated by ghosts.
They didn't see any.
Maybe you have to be sober for that.
Did I mention that the last time I visited my sisters, we went to a girl's house for girl's night and a few weeks before, one of the girls had seen a dark shape in the kitchen? And another time it was in the laundry room?
It walked right through the wall.
I had the creeps the whole time and wouldn't go to the bathroom alone (we were outside most of the time) so everytime I had to pee I said "hey, come with me to pee" to my sister.
The girl does not know she has a dark shape in her house.



  1. In my past life I was the manager of the front end staff (cashiers) in a large grocery store. I had 60+ cashiers, and I heard every sucky/whiney/bitch story known to man.

    You just took me back in time.

  2. A full moon has that kind of effect on people - I swear it!

  3. I hate it when ghosts bother me in the bathroom too. Ghosts need to learn to wait their turn.

    Hope this weeks better.

  4. hoping today you are less cranky; it is hard when people don't cooperate with you when you are just trying to make sure they get a nice meal; that cook needs to look at unemployment statistics; what was he thinking to call so late to get a shift covered?

    a road trip sounds fun; hope you do get away if only for a day (that rhymed, did you catch it?)

    its hard also when you live away from family and you actually like your family (which sounds like you do :) it would be cool if you guys could get together in Vegas (that's only 4 hours from where I live) for your birthday in December (I'm a December baby too, but I'm not turning 40 this year, did that already a few years back)

    hate to fly too so I feel your pain

    whatever you do today, enjoy!


  5. It wasn't a dark shape, it was a full figure shadow, damn it. Glad I didn't see it or take him to the potty with me. He is no help and hogs all the tp.

    Glad you could join us last night. You did miss the part about J shaving your brother's head and doing great shapes and lines through it, starting with a bald-man-shave with only the top crown shaved, and then stripes, and Chino cuts. We got pics for you.

  6. Hope things are going better now! And for the record, I hate to fly, too. Just found your blog and I am your most recent follower. :)

  7. My husband could relate to everything you're saying. He runs a restaurant too and the stories are never ending. Plus the employee drama, o.m.g. (Am I right?)


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