Saturday, September 12, 2009


I know most bloggers don't post on the weekends but that is my best time.
I got nothing done today.
I got up and worked the band garage sale from 10-1:30 or so.
I am just disgusted by some of the people that are garage sale 'regulars'.
They will talk you down from the lowest prices ever and then some of them even pocketed things from some of the tables.
This was a fund raiser for the May trip for the band kids.
The items were labeled according to who was selling what and the money for each child went into their personal trip account.
They were essentially stealing from children!

I found some very nice wooden chairs with cushions.
They were $5 apiece and I left thinking that I really wanted them to refinish and get the cushions re-upholstered.
I went to the restaurant to have lunch with Mr. Funny and told him I was going to buy them.
When I got home, I called one of the mom's to let her know Mr. would be by to pick up the chairs.
They were sold. Rats!

Mr. Funny came home and mowed the lawn and when he knocked on the back door, I peeked out to see him holding a (gasp!) snake!
Only a garter (garder, gardener?) snake but it had a huge tummy which was probably a mouse.
I don't care, there is no good snake in my world.
He put it back in the yard where I am sure it will find it's way to me eventually and I will have to chop it in half with a shovel.

We had our normal Saturday date night but this time I decided to have a few drinks instead of a big dinner.
We went to our friends' Mexican place and had some nice conversation (meaning us complaining about how much our employees were driving us crazy) and then an appetizer.
I am glad that we all have the same problems hiring good help.

I need to go to bed now.
I am going to start the previous season of Weeds (I think 4?) so I can catch up.
Work is going to be great.
Another day of me trying to be positive and happy while the rest of the people try to rain on my picnic.
Or parade.
Either way, I am going to grin and bear it!
Like always.

I am glad you enjoyed my blast from the past.
My dress and hair thank you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Sounds like your weekend has been relaxing so far, good for you. You're right about not posting on the weekend, which is ironic because I have more time on the weekend. I also love your old pictures, I am going to have to dig some up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. whenever we know that it is a garage sale as a fundraiser, we always give more than the asking price; we've been known to donate even without buying anything

    I feel your "pain" about the snake; there is one that visits us ever so often; you should see me tiptoe-ing out in the yard after a sighting. I usually send Koda out first to scare it away

    glad you and Mr. Funny had some time together and enjoyed a few drinks and an food together

    I heard Weeds was a good series; I'll have to check it out; took me until last year to check out Lost and then I became mesmerized by it; I'm slow on some things; I think that's what happens when you've lived in Montana for 8 (of the best) years of my life.

    enjoy Sunday


  3. Our band had one of those garage sales but there was nothing of any value there.

    I swear people brought the crap that didn't sell in their own garage sales and dumped it off so they wouldn't have to throw it away or take it Goodwill themselves.

  4. Hope you enjoyed Weeds. It's another of my guilty pleasures.

  5. I hate snakes. Sorry the chairs were gone!

  6. You gotta love cheap people, those chairs sounded like a steal.
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who may drink more than eat for dinner once a in while :)


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