Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Tomfoolery

Today after work, Mr. Funny and I went for a Sunday drive.
We drove to the river.
We saw these kids (get it? kids? baby goats?)

I had him pull over so I could talk to them.
They are much more receptive than the cows were.

Mr. Funny warned me that it was an electric fence.
They didn't come really close to me but they wanted to.

Can you see their teensy horns?
Who's a cute goat?

A half mile up the road, these big, bad boys were hanging out.
They looked hostile.
I stayed in the car.

These fawns were IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!
Mom was next to them and when they crossed, she went back to the other side.
Guess dad was there too.
They always send the females first, you know.
They were not afraid of me at all.
I took these with the iPhone so they are so-so.

And that concludes our day of farm animals and wildlifery.
Maybe next time, I will get a photo of the decomposing rabbit that Finn killed that is on the outskirts of the neighbors yard.


  1. Baby goats are so cute. I love the way they trot around.
    Not sure I want to see the pic of the rabbit!

  2. You are too funny, I saw a goat when my bf and I were riding on his motorcycle the other weekend. I wanted to stop and say hi but I couldn't get his attention in enough time.

  3. A real life Billy Goat's Gruff or whatever that darn story was. What a fun day.

  4. cute baby goats! I bet they did enjoy your company for a bit; sounds like it was a fun drive with you and Mr. Funny :)

    enjoy Monday :)


  5. Nice drive. I'll bet those horny sheep/goats were glad to see you! (sorry, I just couldn't resist)

  6. Goatage yes! Bunnies still hopping yes! No on the rabbit.... was eating muh lunch when I read that...ewwwww.... LOL

  7. Wow! It's like you just took a drive through some wildlife safari. (spoken like a true city girl who gets excited over seeing a squirrel).

    Nice goatage!

    - Margaret


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