Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates, Tabloids and Fall Shows

First things first.
Finn is fine.
His eyes were not swollen this morning at all.

The employee with the possible heart attack?
Fine as of yesterday and did not even apologize for calling in so last minute.

My college son?
Busy, allergies are acting up and might need tonsils out soon.

Little one?
Hating Geometry, loving German 1, enduring Honors English, loving marching band.
He started back up with Wed. night teen church program so I have a few hours alone tonite to get some serious blogging housework done.

As for getting my fall stuff out?
Soon, this week even.

I have to get some stuff together for the band garage sale this Sat.
I am working there for a few hours and I love garage sales.
Not really.

Nicole Richie named her new baby Sparrow James Midnight.
I don't know what to say about that except I hope he is a badass kid or he is going to get beat up.

And I have decided that I would have probably liked to be friends with Kate Gosselin.
She might be a bitch but OMG, if I had to live with that wimpy, whiney, stupid excuse of a man, I would boss him around too. I am so sick of hearing about him and how he was wronged.

I am going to watch The Vampire Diaries this fall.
I know I am not a big tv watcher but I have been trying to watch a little and edge myself into winter.
Grey's will be starting soon too and I never miss that one.
The cancelled Samantha Who and that is stupid because it was really very funny.
We do watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory as well.
I grew to love Criminal Minds and Castle.
I actually get on my notebook and watch the shows days after they air so I hope to stay on top of them this time.


  1. I can't believe you know that much about tv. I'm so impressed with you.

    Did you know Ellen DeGeneres will be the new 4th judge on American Idol?

  2. Never heard of Castle, but yours is the second blog I read today that mentioned it; now I'll have to check it out; I don't watch much TV but got hooked on Lost last year so I'm eagerly awaiting its finale year come January

    glad Finn is doing better!

    glad younger son goes to teen church! great thing to be part of

    so thankful cook with potential heart attack was cured! Allelulia (little sarcasm there directed at him)

    what was Nicole Richie thinking???

    enjoy Thursday :)


  3. I agree about the Kate Gosselin - I could totally hang with her - she had to be a bitch to overcompensate for his patheticness (is that even a word?). I LOVE GREY'S ANATOMY too - we never miss that or THE OFFICE. Our must watch tv.

  4. I love the comment about Sparrow! You are funny.:)

  5. I read last night about Nicole's new baby and naming him're right, hope he is a badass kid or he's in trouble.

    A kindred spirit! You like the same shows I like - and I'm planning on giving Vampire Diaries a chance, too. I was upset they canceled Samantha Who? it was hilarious. Isn't Castle great? I wondered if Criminal Minds would 'suffer' when the original leader dude left, but it actually got better. :)

  6. WHAT? They cancelled Samantha Who?!!?!? I love that show! Ugh!

  7. I'm so sad about Samantha Who? That was seriously one of the best written comedy shows on television. I will never understand how they make these decisions.

    Glad Finn is okay!


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