Friday, September 4, 2009


We all know how much I love summer.
The sun, the warmth, a tan, extra light highlights, flip flops, and iced tea.
But my favorite decorating season is fall. And Halloween for sure!
I have many orange Rubbermaid tubs of assorted decorations in my basement and every year I add to it and take out and get rid of some of the older stuff.

This job takes me days!
I unpack everything, lay it on the sofas and then painstakingly decide where everything is going to go.
And then when it is perfect, it is Christmas decorating time.
No really, I always mean to start in September but it hard to look at pumpkins while it is warm enough to have the air on.

So, has begun the procrastination.
That and I am too lazy to carry it all up.

Today it is cool and rainy and I feel the sudden urge to decorate.
It shall pass for now.
Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I adore fall decorating! Too fun! Email me your mailing address- I want to send you something fall like from Charleston! You deserve a treat after all you have been dealing with!

  2. I already did some of my decorating. Thats my next post.

  3. Oh! I want those silver pumpkins!

  4. those are cute pumpkins! happy decorating when you get to it :)

    we don't have fall here in So. Calif. Two leaves change and then they just stay on the tree until January. Envy you guys who get a "real" fall

    have a great weekend


  5. I love decorating for fall too. Something about the changing of the seasons makes me long for change.
    Unfortunately, fall is when I often get regrettable haircuts. Not EVERYTHING needs to change!


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