Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome new followers!
I thought I would play with the webcam since I harly ever do.
We had a long week and a relaxing weekend and now I am tired and ready for the weekend again.
Saturday we went to our friends' steakhouse and had dinner.
Sunday I worked and then we hung out at home and yesterday we took off to the lake area to do some shopping.
I needed a couple pair of jeans and I picked up a few things for the boys.
Gap never fails me on jeans but I was sad when I tried on the perfect pair ever and there was only one pair.
I ended up with a pair of trouser jeans too. You always know the premium denim ones that are the most expensive are going to fit perfectly.
I also picked up this hooded half-sleeved shirt I am wearing.

And my tree necklace which my husband says is a secret lesbian magnet because every time I wear it every single woman compliments me and he has it his mind that they are in love with me and my necklace is code for "I love you too" and they are going to invite me over to re-enact scenes from L Word while he watches.

My theory is that it is a cool necklace and I have excellent taste.

Finn caught and killed a rabbit this morning and I had to hear all about it this morning before I even had a sip of coffee. Mr. Funny was trying to save the other ones from certain death while talking to me on the phone.
There goes another dead animal into the neighbors yard (technically it is over the privacy fence by the gravel road and there are no houses even close but it is the neighbors property)

I am going to lay down for a bit before the narcolepsy takes over.
Go over to Stacey's blog to read about her funny dream with a cameo by me and my hot crush Mike Rowe.


  1. Maybe it's a sign he is coming to your restaurant???

    I'm sure you can find something dirty for him to do! ;)

  2. Silly goose!

    Yay on perfectly fitting jeans!!!

  3. Great Post! Check your mail in a few days! I am sending a treat out tomorrow!!

  4. I LOVE that necklace, but only as friends, nothing personal. :)

  5. My daughter has a huge crush on Mike Rowe and he has to be a good 20 years older than she is.

    I have to admit that Gap has some great jeans. I love them but I do not love the prices. I'm a cheapskate.

    Tell your hubby that I love your tree necklace and my love comes from a completely lesbian-free place.

  6. Koda is jealous that Finn got a rabbit, they are elusive here; glad you had a somewhat enjoyable weekend :)


  7. I was just telling my husband the other day that I need to get to the Gap to buy some new, fall jeans. I've been seeing their ads in all of the magazines for the different styles and fits for this season, and I like that they sell clothes for women with actual curves. What can I say ... I have hips. I'm not built like a boy or an 11 year old girl. Sometimes I wonder who these designers are designing for! I'm glad you had a great weekend. I need to update my blog with the latest and greatest around here. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow ... Have a great Wednesday!

  8. I'm rather fond of that necklace too - so there. Tell hubby he is way off base.

    GAP and my past middle age figure don't get along very well.

    Who is Mike Rowe? Just kidding, well maybe not. ;)


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