Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What did we do before the internet?
I just watched Dancing With the Stars (Mon and Tues episodes) on
I caught up on last weeks Vampire Diaries (remember, I fell asleep) on
I am waiting patiently for the new episode of Glee to be posted.
And then there is Castle. (he reminds me of my husband) Love that show.
How about Flash Forward? The 17 minute preview on the website looks awesome.

Back to Dancing.
I told Mr. Funny that I need to get him some of those pants like the guys wear.
Very hot!
He isn't much of a dancer but I love to dance! (And I can dance while he wears those cute, tight pants.)
The last time my sisters and I went out (our men were with us) we tore up the dance floor to Lady Gaga. We had some odd looks but alcohol makes you tune that out.

Ok, again.
I think that Macy Gray is painful to watch. She looks kind of Xanaxed out. Chuck is hard to watch too.
And bless Tom Delay's heart- the mans pants go up to his armpits but he is a Republican so that is acceptable. (until the government takes control over pants too) He tries to move though he is a little stiff.
And I love Mya, Natalie and Melissa.
For the men I like Aaron, Mark Dacascos and the snowboarder, Louis Vito.
Donny Osmond is good but he is a favorite for everyone, so I am looking at the others.

That is all I have tonight.


  1. Your right..Macy had no expressions at all! I don't know who I like yet?? I looooove to dance, and I would even like to learn the dances they do.

  2. I don't usually follow Dancing with the Stars except what I catch on the news the following morning but boy some of them can dance for sure!

    the Internet sure has made our lives different, hasn't it??


  3. I have never gotten into that show dancing with the stars, but I usually work on Weds...I love Greys...tho!
    cant believe an ex Senator is on Dancing...only in America!

  4. We watched it last year and I really want my husband to take dance lessons with me. He doesn't dance. I had to trick him in to dancing at our own wedding. They make it look easy. Also, used to have the biggest crush on Donny Osmond. Had his poster on my wall and sang along to Puppy Love. You know I have to cheer for him!

    Flash Forward does look interesting, doesn't it? I'm worried it will be like Lost though and start off well and fizzle out because they never tell us what it really is.

  5. I completely missed the start of Dancing With The Stars. I guess I'll have to catch up!

  6. I only saw the last 15 minutes and most of that was kind of painful. It gets better as the season progresses until at the end we are like "how in the world!" I watch Dancing only about every other week.

    Before the internet? Was there a time before the internet?

    I can just see you and your sis dancing. We party with our friends every New Year's Eve and the women all dance together. The men just grin and say they are glad us women play good together.

  7. Ugh. Macy. I thought the same thing that you did ... lights were on but no one was home. I'm liking Aaron and Louis so far. I always prefer the guys to the girls. Imagine that! Even when the girls are dancing, I'm all about watching the male professionals. Ahhhh ...


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