Saturday, September 12, 2009

When I was looking through my photos yesterday, I ran across my senior prom photo from 1988.
I don't think there was room in the photo for my date (Mike, my longtime boyfriend, who I dated til just before I met my husband) what with my huge hair and hoop dress.
Yeah, Scarlett O'Hara called and wants her dress back....ha ha! Never heard that before.
My ex-boyfriend Kevin's mom made me the red satin dress and I picked out every single yard of satin and lace. She even made me a matching red hair bow.

I slept on pink foam rollers the night before and although the photo makes it look darker, my hair was still naturally light blond.

This was before tanning salons and girls going to high end salons for the whole hair/nails/face thing that many girls pay hundreds for now. Not including the dress.
I paid for my own dress, shoes (they were white, I think, bless my heart) and earrings although the pearl necklace was real (my Grandmother's)
The very next year was when shorter dresses were the style but oh man, I adored that dress.
I got ready at Mike's Grandparents home, we took hundreds of photos together in the library and I don't have a single one; and his Grandfather let us take the Karmann Ghia.
It was orange.
I remember barely fitting in the car with that dress.

This was one of my senior pictures.
When I just showed him the photo, the Little One said my hair "looked like I just got attacked by something"
Guess you can't fully appreciate the curled under/ feathered look unless you lived in the late 80's and early 90's.
Again there were probably pink foam rollers involved.
(my hair is straight but it has a frizz thing it does and one side always wants to flip)
And Aussie Sprunch Spray (remember how it smelled like grapes?)
I actually bought some not long ago and my husband said it reminded him of every girl in high school.
I know I was wearing Lauren perfume.
The sweater was Gap (the only place besides the Limited that I shopped) and the blouse had a big lace collar.
I remember having 4 clothing changes for my pictures. (My son had 9)
I spent my own money on all of my clothes and bought the pictures myself too.
My mom couldn't afford any extras with 5 kids to care for.

This is me today.
20 years later.
I know who I am now, I have more confidence and they have invented flatirons so I don't have to fight the weird wave in my hair. I do have to highlight my hair and figured out how to shape my brows. And I never, ever wear mascara or eyeliner on my bottom lashes/ lids.
I have some eye wrinkles and some extra weight as well.
Do you have your senior/ prom pictures available?
I would love to see them and see how much you have changed.
Leave me a comment if you do- I have no idea how to do the link things.
(I took these with my notebooks' webcam because I don't have a scanner.)
Also, do you remember what your favorite perfume/cologne/ body sprays were?
I loved:
Sweet Honesty(Avon), Odyssey(Avon), Love's Baby Soft, Enjoli, Charlie, White Musk, Lauren, Halston, Beautiful, L'air du Temps, Poison, Liz Claiborne, Lacoste, Benetton, Eternity, Red Door, Pavi Elle (Avon), Anais Anais, Sunflowers, Giorgio, Romance, Gap Dream, D&G Light Blue (still wear), Armani Black Code (still wear) and Clinique Happy (still and always will wear)

How about you? I am curious what everyone likes and if there are any great new perfumes out there. I need to go to Sephora and sniff around I guess.


  1. loved the dress; enjoyed reading your commentary about it and I also remember those pink curlers and sleeping in them; wonder if they still exist these days?

    senior pictures have changed over time, haven't they? when I graduated (gasp 1975) we didn't have the multiple pose option and were told what to wear (sweater top for the girls, short-sleeve; suits for the boys). Now there are multiple poses, outfits, etc.

    loved your senior picture too

    enjoyed your walk down memory lane :)


  2. You just get better with age!! Loved the Scarlett comment esp after I saw the picture!! They say everything comes back in style but hmmm......

  3. you were beautiful then and beautiful now. i have no idea where my senior pics are. prob in the basement in a box somewhere but i love looking at others too. if you want to do a meme - i think that's the technical word for link thingy - go to mclinky. think it is pretty easy to figure out

  4. Oh I remember those bangs. I have my senior pics, but I don't have a scanner at home. I had similar hair.

  5. Love the prom dress!

    I didn't go to my senior prom, so I don't have a prom picture. I didn't get senior pictures taken either.

    I mostly wore my hair long and straight, but I did have the spiral perm with the curled bangs at one time. I will see if I can find a pic of that.

    My favorite perfumes were Luv's baby soft and primo.

  6. LOL, great blast from the past. I have no such pictures because I didn't go to any of our school dances!

  7. I have to come back to this one. BTW your dress is almost identical to one I made for my daughter. LOL Your were/are so cute!

    More comments later or I might just do a follow up blog to yours. Interesting. Later.

  8. So fun! I love the close-up photo! I have a scanner that I haven't hooked up to my computer. When I do, I have all kinds of pictures to humiliate myself.

    P.S. Speaking of flat irons ... as a relative newbie to this appliance (I tend to just let me natural curls do their thing), I'm clueless. Do you have any recommendations for a good heat protecting spray? I bought a Redken spray, but it just ain't doing the trick. I love wearing my hair staight, but I've been going back to curly because of the damage I've been doing. I keep the iron on a medium setting (the lowest setting that will still straighten my hair), but I'm still getting all kinds of breakage. Boo!


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