Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 2 (do you still even care?)

Someone asked me to take photos of my after-Christmas sale finds.
Yesterday my entire ensemble was Gap.
Both the turquoise tank and the striped lace tank along with the cardigan were $23.00 total.
And I wore these shoes. Naturalizers. $40.00.
They gave me a bad blister on each of my heels.
Other than that they are perfect.
Today I am wearing an apple green sweater from Banana Republic.
It kills me to write it out so just BR will suffice.
Sweater was $25.00.
Eurostep shoes. Also new. No blisters.
I think the shoes were about $50.00.
I am wearing jeans too. Gap probably or Maurices.
I hate spending a lot on jeans but I love a good quality pair.

Let us move on........

On Day 2, the remaining sisters 3, made a Starbucks run (it was in the lobby- thank you God), a pizza run, and a drugstore run for the Baby- who needed Alka Seltzer, Gatorade, ginger ale and a heating pad. (She remained in bed the rest of the day and night due to the migraine caused by the hangover)

The girls hopped on the subway and headed into the heart of the city.
Times Square.

Tom and Katie were not here.

Hats were bought from street vendors right away when the wind became unbearable. (we had hats but they were not New York approved)

Mel liked this one. Nobody else did.

New hats.
It is amazing how little concern we had for head lice as we threw all caution to the wind and put these hats on.

Photos were taken, a hot dog was consumed, Dean and Deluca reappeared and hot chocolate was sipped and chocolate candy bars and rice crispy treats were bought for souveniers.
The girls walked for blocks, taking in the theaters, light and tree.

They watched ice skaters, and then headed into the indoor mall at Rockefeller Center.
The skies opened up and angels appeared.
There before them stood Anthropologie.

The store of love and dreams.
Mel Girl was ready to sit. Take a breath. Get away from the crowds.
Middle Girl was with the eldest as they entered the sacred store and began searching for items that they could purchase and still have money left to eat.
Eldest found plates. Bowls. Things of beauty for the china cabinet. (thank you airport workers for breaking one of them; by the way- they were wrapped well)
Middle Girl found a sweater.
The salesgirls were lovely, sweet, made of sugar and candy.
Banana Republic was next. The staff was rude, the customers ruder.
A hat was purchased by the eldest.

The subway trip back to the hotel was confusing, dirty and demeaning. Not to mention packed.
Some of the passengers were a bit unfriendly, giving me snide looks as I snapped their photos.
ha ha

Dinner was in order.
Moran's was close, open and still serving food. The rude hostess had to go see if the kitchen was still open even though it was 30 min. til close.
She even rolled her eyes.
The waitress was fair. And again, foreign. Very little English.
The caesar salad and crab cakes were tasty and the vodka was, as always, good.
When the eldest asked the server to describe the chocolate mousse pie, she made a shape with her fingers and exclaimed that it was "a....triangle....shaped" (long pauses between the words)
Oh how the eldest loves a good triangle "I'll take it" she said after the server continued to try to describe it.
Alas, they were out of the pie but the triangular cheesecake was the winner (or loser, so it seems because it was bad)
It was like pulling teeth to get service and the only entertainment was the drunk guys leaving the party upstairs. The woman fell on her butt, spread eagle, the drunk guys caught her (sort of) and then they argued over who was going to drive. Yes, drive. She possibly ended up driving.
The eldest took many photos of the drunk, loud woman who stared into space and smiled stupidly. Those photos will not be posted.
(I will not recommend Moran's and fondly call it Moron's.)

Middle Girl in her new sweater

The cheese stands (sits) alone.

Upon returning to the room, they found the Baby alive and still in bed.
They hit the sack early because day 3 was the best to come...............


  1. Love your after christmas sale clogs, and I love all your hats! Isn't New York known for having rude people?
    Can't wait to hear what you crazy girls did on day 3!

  2. LOL, I'm laughing about the New York adventure and yes I do still even care! I can't wait to read day 3 through your eyes

    I think you guys are great sisters to make sure Baby Sister was well cared for in her sickened state

    love all the bargains you got too!


  3. I love that apple green sweater! I would have thrown head lice to the wind too. IT WAS COLD!

  4. I think your trip sounds fabulous! Rude people, cold weather, Christmas in New York is awesome.


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