Friday, December 11, 2009

Hair raising excitement and entrails too!

I realize that only I can tell that that I got a haircut (Blase') but you girls know how great it feels to even get a teensy smidgen trimmed.
It changes your whole outlook.
For me it did anyway because I started my Christmas decorating.

I work best under extreme pressure (although the people around me want to kill me) and knowing I have 4 days to grocery shop, decorate the entire house for Christmas, clean the entire house, cut all 4 dogs nails, shampoo the carpets, clean the fridge, drop off food basket items at the Christmas charity place, shop for Christmas (I have nothing yet), do 7 loads of laundry, wash all of the sheets, arrange for delivery of my dining room chairs, get not-yet purchased Christmas gifts in the mail for my niece and 2 nephews and figure out what I am packing for my trip.

I am leaving Tuesday after work to drive to my sister's house because we are flying out verrrrry early Thursday.

I finished my china cabinet this morning and I love it.
I also picked up the bottom half of a rabbit, including guts, that Kona killed and ate last night.
I was calling her and could hear her collar jangling and after I got so mad, I marched out in the frigid yard with a flashlight and found her munching on a rabbit.
I could tell from the tail and feet.
(Mr. Funny thought he was hilarious when he said "no wonder they call them lucky rabbits' feet, they didn't get eaten"
I was really grossed out, especially when I saw the intestines (forgive me) and made her go in. (I figured I would pick it up in the morning when it was frozen)
Then I forgot about it today til I saw Finn with it and had to chase him down.

Here is the china cabinet.
I have a mix of the Pier 1 glasses I just got, my handpainted snowmen that were a gift, and my crystal which is Mikasa Arctic Lights with a platinum rim.
The red chargers are plastic from Target I think.
My china is Mikasa.
The white snowflake plates in the middle are Lenox and were a gift as well. (click to enlarge)

I also got my boots yesterday.
They fit and I love them.

Who love, love, loved the last episode of Glee?
Now we have to wait til April!!!!!!!!

And thank you to new follower Lindy, who gave me restaurant ideas for NY.


  1. Thank you! Have a great time in NYC, my favorite place on earth! I don't know how you feel about museums, but one of the coolest museums is the tenement museum on the Lower East Side. The website is It's an amazing place!

  2. That is a beautiful piece of furniture!
    Post pics of you rockin' those boots!
    The last episode was really good!! Why do we have to wait so long til the next one...ugh! A girl I grew up with (went to HS with) was on the last episode of Glee. She was the blonde judge at sectionals. It was crazy seeing her on there. She's on True Blood and The Office too.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I could totally tell you got a haircut!
    I love the snowmen!
    and gross on the rabbit thing!

  4. LOVED Glee! My heart stopped when Will grabbed Emma's arm and said, "I just left my wife." AAAGGGH! And then she walked away from him?! Crazy woman. I was pleased with the end though! And of course, I was bawling through the whole sectionals performance.

  5. The hutch is beautiful. So well done! Hope all of your preparations go well! Holly

  6. Pictures are beautiful. Have a good time and take plenty of pictures to share when you get back.

  7. That is an awesome china cabinet. Love what is in it too. Like your new look and I can definitely tell it is shorter. I am so hooked on Glee and can't believe no more episodes until April. That sucks. Have fun in NY!

  8. can you clone yourself in your midst of activity and send your clone to me?? you go girl!! you are going to get that done before you hop out to your sister's house

    ick with the rabbit! so thankful Koda is a "not off the leash" type of dog; otherwise I'm sure we would be dealing with the sane issues

    glad the boots fit!! you'll indeed look smashing!


  9. The cabinet looks great! Have fun in NYC!


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