Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

We could do the year in pics.
Instead we will just highlight the main things.

  • January- I read the Twilight series. Saw the first movie. Our mantle caught fire while we slept; the tv over the mantle melted. My husband bought his 4 door Jeep Wrangler (at my suggestion, he loves it now!). I lost my voice. I discovered my love of the scarf. My son made the State orchestra (2nd chair)
  • February- We celebrated our anniversary by having dinner with strangers (a cougar and her boy toy) due to a lost reservation, I had 6 followers, I won a blog giveaway, I later that month had 12 followers, my dogs brother (MIL's dog) came over and threw up all over my house
  • March- we learned about the Demon Deer, we talked about college and auditions nonstop, I had 30 followers, I dumped my antidepressant, celebrated my husbands birthday
  • April- my husband bought me a 9mm handgun, joined Twitter, we ordered senior pictures, our oldest son moved in with his grandmother, our neighbor caught our privacy fence on fire burning leaves, I got a new fridge with french doors, work became almost unbearable
  • May- my son went to his senior prom, I washed and dried an entire pack of Orbit gum (ask me how I got it out), I got my camera, we landscaped the yard and remodeled the pond, we got fish, we played in the rain, my son graduated from high school, I got all my hair cut off
  • June- we got Finneus- the abused puppy, our chinchilla died, 38 followers, my baby turned 14, many tornado scares, warm weather finally arrived (yea!), we threw a huge party for our son and defied the laws of how many kids you can cram in a Jeep (just through the neighborhood), we had an alarm installed on our house, I told the story of my mom's passing, my son went to camp far away (there were bears), I received my first blog award, we had some great family times
  • July- my yard was beautiful, 47 followers, we all 4 spent 4th of July together at the lake, my sister got her Masters degree, lightening hit my neighbors tree, we bought a king sized bed, I had 47 followers
  • August- we got our son a Jeep Compass, I dumped Twitter, my son packed and left for college, we survived the huge music festival in town, my youngest started high school and survived band camp
  • September- I played with goats, 62 followers, my son switched colleges due to some unfortunate circumstances, dealt with millions of leaves, decorated for my fave- Halloween, my oldest son turned 19, helped an employee through the hardest thing ever
  • October- discovered Glee, decided to grow my hair back out, got a new iPhone, had a crap ton of rain, watched some fabulous marching band competitions involving both of my sons, had a hostile takeover of wasps and yellowjackets IN our house, cried at the news that a-ha broke up, had 70 followers, told some ghost stories, spent some time with my sisters
  • November- used the word LUBE in my post title (was talking about lotion for dry skin), hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house for 13 people and 7 dogs, (the best ever!), re-organized my closet, New Moon came out, searched for the best turkey ever, Skip the dog got a Snuggie
  • December- finally got our mantle, turned 40, went on a fabulous trip with my 3 sisters to New York City to celebrate, almost got stuck in said city because of the blizzard, 2nd anniversary of my sweet mom's death, decorated for Christmas, got a new computer system at work, had a birthday dinner and margarita with a friend and then the waiter stuck a sombrero on my head and shoved flan in my moth- he missed and it went up my nose, spent more consecutive hours in an airport than I ever want to again, had dog pee on our presents Christmas morning, had the best Christmas but a quiet one.
There you go.
My first year of blogging.
Let us all hope that the new year brings an improved economy, less government involvement, more family time for all of us, less stress, more fun and more focus on the things that really matter.
Like love. And togetherness. And the new season of Glee in April.
And will I ever get my bathroom cabinets painted?
Or my house fully cleaned and organized?
Love you all!
Here's to a new year!!!


  1. Happy New Year! See you in 2010!

  2. love you too! I want to know how you got the gum out; I'm bad about a piece or two in the clothes but not a whole pack

    its been a great year, hasn't it?? I know I started following you in the summer around camp time

    now on to new adventures and a blessed New Year@


  3. I don't see how you remembered all of those details. You had a heck of a year! I hope 2010 brings you loads of happiness!

  4. Happy New Year! Love you too. Glad I found you.

    I miss Glee too!

  5. I had to laugh at the time line...
    dropped antidepressents
    got a handgun.

    unrelated, but funny!

    Best wishes for a great 2010.


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