Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have been a very busy girl

Here is what I have accomplished so far.
I will probably move things around again but until I return from NY, these are where they are.

The Peace sign needs to be hung up.

Kitchen (still need to decorate that tree)
The Hope sign needs to be hung up.

Kitchen table centerpiece- not sure if it is staying there

Front door- I made it and I do not love it

Half of mantle- still no garland up yet

Snowwoman on the fireplace.
She "melts"

Sofa- I love the pom pom blanket and pillow from Pier 1

It sparkles and is the softest material ever!

Corner table- still need to add white star decorations to tree

My favorite piece of furniture ever!

All of my favorite things get to hang out here.

Isn't she gorgeous?!
This is a photo of my grandparents in the early 1920's in Minnesota.
It was a faded and stained photo that I had fixed and enlarged for my mom one year for Christmas.
Now it is mine.

How precious are they?!
My grandfather was always well- dressed as far back as I can remember.
My grandmother was a flapper, I am almost positive.
I love to look at this photo and imagine what they were doing that day, if those trees are still there and if the houses behind them are still standing.
What about the bench?, I would think not.
Maybe there is a new neighborhood there or *gasp* a highway.

A flea market find.
I wonder how old it is.....

There you go.... now show me yours!


  1. I will, I was planning on it.
    I mean, not to show you mine, but I will be posting about Christmas at my house!
    Stop by and check it out this week!
    I love your melting snowman! So precious!

  2. Mel and I were lusting after that pillow and blanket at Pier 1 just the other day. I decided if I had that blanket I'd flunk out of law school!

  3. I think that's my favorite piece of furniture ever too! Love it.

    It all looks great. I'm (hopefully with help from my peeps) going to do the tree today. Wish I was going to NY instead.

    Have fun!

  4. You make me want to go out and buy more decorations for my house! I don't have enough!

    I love what you have!

  5. Love all the decorations, and I absolutely love the picture of your grandparents! I love to see old photographs like that and wonder the same things.

  6. It's looking wonderful so far. And I agree, your cabinet filled with treasers is fabulous!

  7. I love that picture of your grandparents!

  8. you did very well! I love all your decorations; you definitely have a theme going with the snowmen (love it)

    so very talented you are with a flare for decorating! I bet when it is all done it looks so very cosy and festive :)

    what a great picture of your grandparents. Your grandmother does look like a flapper and they look like they are very happy together and in love; what a very special picture that is for you to have had restored and then given to your mom before it became yours; great memory for your kids; did you know your grandparents well?


  9. Ok. I am seriously still laughing at your poor melted Clause... Mr. even came running to see what was wrong.

    Your favorite piece of furniture would be mine too if I had a room for it. Have been trying to get decorations out but man I'm tired!

    Your grandones were a class act. I absolutely love that picture!

  10. Some great decorations! I love the melting snowman. very cute!
    and wonderful picutre of your grandparents :)

  11. That photo is priceless, I love their positions :) And the melting snowman is hilarious!

  12. everything is so beautiful!


  13. I love all of your decorations, especially the glittery balls in the hurricane. So pretty. The pic of your grandparents is so special, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments! Merry Christmas!


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