Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Pissmas and Happy Poo Year!

Wow, I have never been so busy and I have missed all of my blog friends so much.

It rained all day yesterday, the dogs pooped on the floor in 3 different spots, and we spent the day shopping for last minute gifts.

We woke up to a white Christmas.

The only DAMPer to our morning was the fact that Skip lifted his leg and peed on the tree and about 6 of the gifts so I lightened the mood (of the Little One, who was the recipient of the soggy boxes) with an occasional "Merry Pissmas!"

They were happy with their goods and we are happy when they are happy.

The man of the house.

Here I am.
Hiding so as not to scare you with my lack of makeup.

Remember when the kids are little and they have matching Christmas pajamas on while they unwrap?
Yeah, well.

The Big One.
He got lots of clothes, shoes, a coat, socks, underwear,video game stuff, Bose speakers, a Wii, games, cash, gift certificates and iTunes cards.

The Little One.
Also got clothes, shoes, socks, Snoopy stuff (he loves Snoopy), pj bottoms (I found some that say Modern Warfare and XBOX 360 on them), gift cards, cash, video game stuff, games, Marine Corp stuff (loves the Marines) and his all time favorite, an M16 air soft assault rifle.

Wet gift.
Thank you Skip.

I am almost finished with the laundry that came home from college, laundry from my trip, laundry from muddy, wet dogs, laundry from daily use etc.......
I am making chicken piccata tonight and then we are going to the movies.
I hope everyone is safe and happy and please remember to say:

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!!!!


  1. indeed Happy birthday Jesus!

    looks like all had a wonderful time together! I hope dinner came out delicious and you guys enjoyed the movies :)

    and how exciting to have a white Christmas!

    too funny about the dog and the tree......


  2. You see, there is this thing about dogs and trees... you can't blame the dog for doing what comes natural,now can you? lol that was funny.

    It looks like you maybe had a bit more snow than us, but not much. We were going to go see "It's complicated" yesterday, since we were on our own (we celebrate Christmas on the eve), but Mr. had a stiff neck (I said neck!) and we chose to stay home next to the warm fire. Maybe a show today.

    It looks like you had a big, fun Christmas

    And yes, we must remember the reason... Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.

  3. We woke up to a lot of snow here!

    Looks like you had a fab CHRISTmas!

  4. Merry Christmas, my friend. Looks like you all had a great day and that your kids really raked it in, just like mine did!!! I pray that they all realize how blessed they are. I'm having a lazy day here on the day after Christmas. I think we'll venture out in a bit for a movie and some dinner. Life is good!

  5. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I hope you got your laundry done.


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