Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I am going on vacation

So I did make it to the store last night because all we had were condiments and the people I live with do not feel as if that is proper nutrition.
Even the bread was old (I overbought at Thanksgiving because I wasn't sure how long I would have company)and there wasn't a chip in the house.
Mr. Funny likes to have a few items for snack purposes.
One is pickles, baby dills to be exact. The regular ones are just too much pickle.
The next is peanuts. Planters lightly salted with sea salt. (picky much?)
Ice cream. Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks is a favorite as is cookie dough.

********You know what I hate? I hate it when you are on Facebook and trying to write a blog post too and some friend wants to chat so FB chat keeps popping up whilst I am blogging and I don't want to be rude and just close FB out but it is making me mad to keep having to answer questions about Christmas and my trip when I am trying to get this posted. But she lives by my sisters and I have known her since I was 15 and now we have a lunch date for Wed.**********

And the last one is chips.
And I get him BBQ Lays because he loves them but eats anything I buy and when I go to find a chip, I get crumbs or nothing at all.
I bought Doritos, BBQ, Baked Lays and sourdough pretzel bites.
He will eat them all by Tues. ('cept the pretzels) and there will be nothing left for the boys and I will be gone and do you think they will go to the store?

Here is another complaint I had.
Yesterday when I left for the store, I was asked to get spaghetti sauce, rigatoni, garlic cloves, cereal and an onion.
I got all of the above along with Frosted Mini Wheats (this is all for Little One) and this morning, he is doing the breakfast search even though I am telling him that there are eggs and sausage and Jimmie Dean heat and eat skillet meals and 13 kinds of cold cereal and waffles and pancake mix and frozen cakes you nuke and toaster struedel and OMG MOM!!! you forgot to get maple and brown sugar oatmeal and what is this spaghetti sauce it isn't Prego and I will just bet you forgot the rigatoni oh you got bowtie and oh look you DID get rigatoni too and I am not eating these Cheerios why can't I open the Mini Wheats til I eat the opened cereal and are you trying to ruin my life??????

Do you people deal with this?
I offered him an expense paid trip to the store with mommy and he declined.
Now I have to endure abuse because I bought Classico sauce (Real Simple magazine testers said it is better than Prego)
I even offered to let him sample my organic granola which he threw to the dog. Fed to the dog at $5 a box. But then he actually tasted it and now he likes it which sucks because now he is going to eat my cereal and I have to replace it at $5 a box.
Maybe where you live that is cheap but here, it is 2 or 3 dollars for cereal and I apparently have other things to buy.

And last night while I was reading old blogs, I asked Mr. to hand me a pickle and he brings me a jar and a fork and I stick in the fork to grab a pickle and it is ginormous and I take a bite and it too much pickle.
Someone (I am going to blame my sister) bought pickles for the relish plate on Thanksgiving and bought the regular dills so I have a half jar of too much pickle pickles and nobody is gonna eat them and I cut one in half and it was too much pickle still.
I have to throw them out.

I am not getting rid of the sauce though and he is going to have to deal with it.

And now he is mad because I won't let him get on FB and plan his evening; he was invited to surprise party and he is baking a cake and MOM! when did you buy this white cake mix it wasn't there yesterday I need it for tonight.
It was there.

And the people at work are driving me batcrap crazy over this new computer situation which in turn is driving my husband crazy and did you know you cannot teach old dogs new tricks? Because they have too many questions and most of them are stupid and you have to have a card to swipe every time you ring in an order and they were told it would cost $5 to get a card if they forget theirs because you have to clock in and out with the card before you can ring anything in.
And if they are charged for a new card, they will be less likely to forget theirs but of course at dark o' clock this morning, Mr. Funny got a phone call that one of the am servers forgot her ding dang card and oh they don't know what to do.........
And he showed them all yesterday how to program a new card if they forget theirs and it would be $5 and they already forgot what he told them yesterday.

And this is why I am going on vacation.


Here is the dog and the Little One last night:

(where is his pillowcase?)


  1. Yes, I deal with this same stuff all the time! I could have all that stuff, and they will say there is nothing to eat!

    I thought you deleted facebook?? Just couldn't stay away??

  2. Can I come with you???? Todays agenda: Quick stop at work to do some bookwork; grocery store; oops, need gas in the car; drop off tire that lost an argument with a pothole; start painting Cait's room before she moves back for spring semester next week; make cranberries and 2 relish trays for company potluck tonight; pick up said dead tire; finish as much painting as possible while doing laundry throughout the day; shower and dress for company party; go to party and try to be nice and smile and not fall asleep in my food. Come home, sleep, repeat about 1/2 of this tomorrow! Kathy

  3. Pics of dog and kid are ADORABLE. And, "...half a jar of too much pickle" made me laugh out loud.

  4. Run! Run as fast as you can and don't look back! (like your dog did in that picture)

  5. sounds our C-boi always removes his pillowcase somehow...very confusing...

    cute pics!
    wait until you start planning your vacations around Mom's day...that's what me & my sisters do!

  6. LOL with the dog and Little One! under the covers too! that dog is spoiled!

    LOL with the shopping trip too! I can so understand your frustration

    you will definitely need a vacation!!

    I like the idea of the $5 replacement cards and you are right they'll start remembering them every time they have to pay $5for a new card

    you are too funny though with the way you write :)


  7. Go and have fun!

    PS You can hide your online status and people won't bug you. It's an option where the chat thingy is. I leave mine OFF all the time.

  8. Love the pic of the dog in bed with your son, my dog is a big part of my family and is welcomed in my bed anytime. I also love the old picture of your grandparents, I am very sentimental about things like that and am glad you display it so proudly. Also, I agree with KYS on the Facebook status. I leave my online status turned off ALL the time or I would never get anything done.


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