Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You asked for it

Yes, that is me.
I'm alive.
I have been so busy since I got home from New York and I really wanted to sit down and post about the trip and Christmas and my birthday and then.....
I got hit with the depression that usually comes around this time every year (I have it all of the time but it gets worse in winter) and I have been almost paralyzed with exhaustion and overwhelmed with life in general.

So let me start at the very beginning.
Once upon a time, there was a girl who was going to turn 40.
She had a crazy plan to go to New York City with her sisters and celebrate.

These particular girls, without the common sense that God gave a turnip, stayed up until 1am talking and packing and planning this fabulous adventure even though they had to get up at 3:30 am for a 6am flight.

Mel- packing


They awoke at 4 (alarm malfunction) rushed around and made it to the airport with time to spare. (Thanks to the lovely brother-in-law and a trusty white steed Saab station wagon)

4:30 am.....
enroute to Chicago......

Middle and Baby.....

Xanax kicking in


Some can sleep on planes.......

Some cannot........

There were Xanax involved and the eldest sister somehow survived the flight to Chicago.
Naps were taken, magazines were read.
In Chicago, they stayed on the plane while it re-boarded and off they went to the land of the Big Buildings and Bundled Up People.
No lie. It. Was. Cold.

When they had their luggage, a lovely gentleman asked them if they needed a ride.
For a slightly-higher-than-cab-fare fee, they were escorted to their hotel by a shiny white limousine. Champagne was nowhere in sight. BYOB they thought.

Their chariot.....

The hotel was lovely, the staff- not so lovely.
Functioning is a kind word.
We shall use that word to describe the staff of the Downtown Marriott in the Financial District.
Not friendly, personable or outstanding.

The girls took the elevator to their room on the 37th floor. The building had 38 floors.
The view of the harbor was amazing.
The view of Ground Zero was chilling. Empty. A scar.

The room was classy, neat, tidy.
The bathroom was spiffy.
For 10 minutes.
Suitcases were emptied, makeup bags were opened, freshening up was inevitable.

Double beds, great for cuddling and spooning (Mel and I)
Or hanging on for dear life while the other sprawls out (Middle and Baby)

Unspeakable things were done to this toilet.
We shall never mention it again.

the last time this bathroom looked like this til we left...

The view from our room

The view straight down (yeesh)

The wide-eyed girls hit the streets for some coffee (Dean and Deluca) and shopping (Century 21)
(Lindsey Lohan was shopping there just the other day) and that is where they found out that they weren't in the friendly Midwest anymore.
People pushing, stepping on feet, no "excuse me's" or "sorry's"
But gloves and a hat were soon found for the Middle Girl and then they were on their way again.

They decided on The Gate House.
The food was fabulous. The eldest had a steak and it did not disappoint.
The waitress was Russian and left much to be desired in the service world.
The eldest asked her to please take some plates away for they were long finished.
She cried. (it may have been for any reason but it was silly of her and she was an awful server)
She never offered dessert or another round of drinks. They would have been appreciated.
The toilet overflowed and the staff did not care.
I recommend the food, just not the service.
Avoid the bathroom.

iPhone photos

Next, they ambled into a bar. John Street Bar and Grill.
Aemonn, the Irish bartender was friendly and had some great stories.
He was also easy on the eyes.
He had friends who he introduced these city wise girls to and soon they were all (except Aemonn) headed to Ulysses Folk House because they were open til 3am and the girls were obviously not tired.

Martina, Henri, Glenn and some wierd Midwestern people they met in a bar.....

Ulysses turned out to be more fun for some than others.
namely the Baby Sister, who drank too much/too fast/did shots/mixed her boozes whatever but they wouldn't find this out til later.
In the meantime, the new friends, Henri (pronounced On-Ree), Glenn and Martina, helped the sisters fend off unsavory men and skanky bar ho's (man I love to say that)
They walked the girls back to the hotel, exchanged numbers, offered some late night (early morning) pizza and left the girls to their own devices.
The eldest had been drinking slowly and was very sober and the frigid air sobered up the rest on the long walk back to the hotel.

The fun (eating pretzels and drinking Pepsi) soon ended when Baby Sister began losing the contents to her stomach (loudly and grossly) in the bathroom and soon the eldest had a pillow over her head and was singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" (I cannot deal with vomit- not the sounds, smell or thought of it)
This went on until the eldest fell asleep and the girls slept in late the next day.

to be continued...........


  1. LOL; I read your sister's account of your trip and now your account of the trip and (no offense to her) but I love the humor you inject in yours. I'm sorry about the depression; I know that is hard to deal with and how exhausting it is to even get up in the morning but you have to because otherwise it takes too much explaning why you aren't getting up (oops that might just be me, LOL)

    hoping for brighter days ahead in the New Year :)

    (and to hear the rest of your adventures soon :)


  2. Can't wait to hear the rest! Sounds exciting so far!

  3. its been a dream of mine to go to NYC - so this is awesome hearing about your adventure & all the pics! cant wait to hear more...

  4. From what I've read so far, I suspect a trip to NY with the lot of you would be the end of me! The view from your hotel was amazing.

    Depression is not fun - hope you are doing better. We got snow overnight - have you noticed???

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Looks like such a fun time!!! Thanks for sharing all of the fun pictures!!

    Don't worry we all get the blues around this time of year! Feel better!



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