Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heidi Klum does not live here

I cannot seem to find the time to sit down and type these days.

Since the big One is still on Winter Break, we all took a trip to the city yesterday to pick up his new allergy serum (he used to take the shots, grew out of some of the allergies and then got them back- worse this time; he now does a few drops each day and avoids the needles)
We had things to exchange at the mall, I had to grab some underthings from VS, we needed a few items from Sam's and I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble.

I am ready to quit on Old Navy for good.
My son had picked me up a few things for my birthday (too small- cute that he thinks I am that little) and I went to exchange them.
Everything was awful.

Then I went to the BIG SALE at Victoria's Secret to grab some undies and a few bras.
Mr. Funny picked out the bras (shocking, I know) and I tried them on but whether it was my mood or the lighting or fact that I hate trying on anything at all- I hated everything.
The lovely salesgirl asked me if I wanted an official bra fitting.
(this was about the time the Little One showed up and as soon as he heard the words, his eyes grew wide and he was gone)
Sound fun?

I said "why not, what's a little more humiliation today"
I assumed there would be a measuring tape.
Also, some nudity.
Thank God I was wrong on the latter.
She told me I was wearing the wrong size (that explains my bad mood for the past few years- HA) and that she would be happy to set me up in a fitting room and bring me every bra in every style in my new size.
Sound fun?

I dragged Mr. Funny in there with me because he was just standing there amongst the thongs and lipgloss and I didn't want him looking at those life-sized VS models' pictures too long for fear he might think that's what I am supposed to look like.

After trying on a lot of bras, I decided on 3 and of course they were not on sale.
Seriously, I have never owned a $52 bra.
Maybe I have been sheltered.
3 bras, 5 panties and many dollars later, we were off to find the boys (who were very far away from VS)

We had a late lunch at Macaroni Grill and then I had my dessert at B&N (a mocha) while I picked up The Lovely Bones, the new Dean Koontz and the Pioneer Woman cookbook.
By the time we made it to Sam's, it was 2 degrees outside and we were ready to grab the stuff we needed and get back home to the warm fire.
And dog barf.
Yea for us.

Oh yeah, I rolled my ankle walking down the stairs yesterday morning (dog tripped me- he follows me everywhere I go) and by bedtime last night (and after cleaning up bad and gross things), it was so sore and bruised so I took a couple of Tylenol pm, grabbed my new books and went to bed early.

We also found out that a boy my son goes to school with, and was friends with when they were younger, shot himself and died.
Needless to say, after hearing that and reading the beginning of The Lovely Bones, combined with the Tylenol pm, I had some scary dreams last night.

Gotta go to a meeting.
Have a wonderful week- we are awaiting more snow and more negative temps.


  1. Jeez you have been a busy lady. Sorry to hear about your son's friend. Congrats on the new underthings. Those always make me happy. I am in love with the Pioneer Woman cookbook...

  2. Oh, I love The Lovely Bones. I totally know what is like to have little puppy followers - I call them my Pup-arazzi! Sorry about the lost soul and bad dreams!

    And the weather has been biting a big one in the mid-MO! Our windchill was 24 BELOW this morning - is that even LEGAL?

  3. You must share your thoughts on The Lovely Bones. I am a total wimp when it comes to violence, but Regina is telling me to read it.

  4. Oh, what a day you had. Not fond of Old Navy anymore and neither is TheTeen. I soooo want the Pioneer Woman cookbook. Donna from Just Me has talked about her for so long. She really is fun and I enjoy her webpage and on line recipes. Hope you enjoy the cookbook. I plan to fix that spaghetti recipe blogfriend Donna was talking about. So sorry about your son's friend. These things are just not acceptable. Of course it is hard to sleep after hearing that kind of news. It is just bothersome to the soul. Saying a few prayers for the family and his friends will sooth all of you as bring this issue to mind in the coming days. Have a good rest of the week. I think we may be getting some snow by Thursday!!!

  5. My daughter had a bra fitting too and also found out she was wearing the way wrong size. I've never been that brave. You've been mighty busy!

    Suicide is so common this time of year - how very sad.

    I hope the ankle gets better soon. Those dogs are a hazard to you!

  6. WOW what a day! Curious, can you tell a difference with the new size bras? Look better feel better? My daughter swears by their $50 bras, lol. I have never owned one that expensive either, ha! Sue

  7. I read The Lovely Bones and all I did was cry, can't bear to see the movie. Sorry about your foot, I am constantly tripping over my dog. Why must they follow us everywhere when we are at home, like I'm just going to the bathroom...privacy?

    I used to do bra fittings at a department store, it was my first job and every single woman I ever measured was wearing the wrong size. Stay warm!

  8. Great update. Happy New Year. Thanks for coming by yesterday. I'm scared to read "Lovely Bones". Hope you'll do a blog on it, so I'll know if I should read it. I just read Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Amazing! Love your picture below with the awesome after Christmas finds. You look lovely. Holly

  9. I also have scary dreams and I also have very cold weather outside, but I don't have any bras....


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