Tuesday, January 19, 2010

''I am not just vanilla! I am all different colors of the rainbow.''

It just gets worst.
The Bachelor.
That poor, adorable man.
Because I cannot make this up people, these girls are so pathetic.
Michelle, thank you for leaving but you really supplied many laughs and when I had to see Jake kiss you, I threw up in my mouth a little. Then you tell a joke about how the palm trees don’t have coconuts and point to your boobs saying "here are the coconuts".
And I still like Ali, she is kinda bossy and controlling like me.
Elizabeth, he's just not that into you. He has to kiss you to see if he gets a twinge in his pants (my husbands favorite saying)
No twinge, no rose.
And vanilla is a flavor, not a color of the rainbow. FYI

Ella is sweet but there is no chemistry. Reminds me of the last girl with a kid, Stephanie?
Gia is soooo cute, nevertheless, she doesn't get much time alone with Jake.
Ashleigh, sweetie, I like you and I hate public speaking too. A little vodka goes a long way. Or a lotta vodka, in your case.

The Icy Hot bugged me til 4:00 this morning. It felt cold and weird and kept me up.
I fell asleep but had dreams about ice cubes on my neck and there was a spaceship and Gwyneth Paltrow (I caught the end of a very bad GP / Jude Law movie the other night and there were aliens and dinosaurs and her hair and lipstick looked perfect the whole time) and there was a monkey named Moo (I hate monkeys) and a pool with silver water. (in the dream)
So, I believe there might be opium in Icy Hot.

And who snored all night and had no regard for my pain and cold neck and dreams?

And after spending 30 min. looking for something cute to wear for pics (a BR blush (or was it bashful?) colored ruffled shirt with tiny black cardigan), she decided to come back tomorrow to take the pics.
And so the insanity begins again.
I'm gonna wear my son's college hoodie and yoga pants.
And I am gonna rat my bangs and wear dark lipliner and pale lipstick and no blush or mascara.
Love ya all!!!!


  1. I am dying laughing right now. You'll be gorgeous even if you are wearing sweats.

  2. you go girl (your outfit for the pictures, LOL); I think it would rattle her a bit if you came dressed like that :)

    haven't followed the Bachelor, but it makes you wonder where they get some of these contestants for these reality shows; at least it made you giggle and laugh just a bit :)


  3. Mrfunny will be so proud of you. It's a shame your hair isn't longer so you could put a pony tail on the side of your head.

    I only watched one season of the bachelor and couldn't force myself to put myself through that pain again. I'm looking forward to your updates. It is so much more entertaining than the show itself!

  4. Ali is still my favorite too. And I agree with you on Ella. I didn't see ANY chemistry. And honestly, at one point when he was going on about what's fair to whom, I really thought he was going to send her home. At any rate, I was glad to see the ones go that he did send home.

  5. Thank you for your kind words the other day. It meant so much to me!
    Sorry I have been MIA lately...I am trying to get back into reading all of my bloggy friends.


  6. I'm sure you will look great in your picture!


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