Monday, January 18, 2010

I have one last nerve and it is hurting

The trend lately has been 3 comments per post.
Is this because nobody is reading blogs or just my blog?
Are people hibernating? Like bears?

I feel like I did in the beginning - just talking to myself and making myself laugh because there is no way I really have 84 followers and they are reading this daily and getting anything out of it.
I think they just forgot to delete me or un-follow me.

Let us pretend though that there are a few out there and they can come to my pity party because really, I did not used to give a rats hat and now I do.
Ok, I don't care about all of you because some of you are advertisers and some are loons and some are unavailable for me to see who you are but there are a handful of you who I would totally like in person and I feel like I have made some great friends.
So, it's those who care that I am typing to right now.

Emotional much?

I think it is because today, at the ripe old age of 40, I bought my first tube of Icy Hot.
I almost bought the Bengay but Mr. Funny (who kept showing me all of these KY for Her gels and potions because they were right by the muscle pain stuff and he is 12 years old) described it and I was intrigued with the thought of being cold and hot at the same time plus it sounded more like someone younger could use it whereas Bengay sounded, well....old.

I also got a new heating pad because (and yes, I am going to pick on my husband today because he picks on me and I am fed up to here) Mr. Funny has some irritating fears and one of them is fire.
Everything is a fire hazard and he is constantly unplugging things and shutting off things for fear of fire.
And my old heating pad has a short and it gets really hot and burns my back and neck which I love because it feels like I am sitting in the hot sun and I am a freak.
And it has been like this for years!
So, every time I go to bed with this heating pad on my back or my neck or my abdomen, he eyeballs it and then me and then asks if I care if the bed catches fire.

The bed.
Not my flesh.
Not worried that I might end up looking like the body in the bed at the end of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video.

I slept really late this morning because we do the same thing every Monday and I wanted to sleep instead (and my back and neck and bladder hurt) but Mr. Crazypants insisted that today we were gonna do different things.
The bank was closed so we didn't have to deposit things but we did have to drop off payroll because those employees like to get paid for their time.
Then we had sub sandwiches and calzones at a place here in town that we never go to and it was yummy.
Then, we drove around awhile in the country and it was 60 degrees and sunny and we had not a care in the world (except my neck)
Then we picked up our son and took him home and I read the new People about Heidi (she looks stupid, still) and how stars stay skinny (US) and then we went to Applebees for dinner.
How crazy we are, we always have pizza on Monday.
We did grab a few items at Walmart instead of the grocery trip we do every Monday and then went home and I realized that I still needed a new heating pad so I wouldn't kill us all in our sleep and we had to go back to Walmart again.

I am going to head upstairs now to try out the new Icy Hot.
I am pretty sure I pinched a nerve in my neck because it has hurt since Christmas and I am going to try to get a massage this week to help it.

Is there a warm place in Lousiana, Georgia, Texas or Alabama that anyone recommends for a short trip for our anniversary? It will be in mid Feb.
I am thinking Gulf.

Oh, and we are having our photos taken for the newspaper tomorrow because we were nominated for some Best Of awards (the restaurant) and I have no idea what I am going to wear.
The last time we were in the paper, when we first bought the restaurant, I looked like a goon.


  1. in your mind, and ON YOUR BLOG it's always funny. and poignant.

    i relate to your post -- well, not so much the icy hot, but the general gist.

    i say skip the gulf, and come to LA. :)

  2. I'm still here and leaving comments.

    Aww..the things I have to look forward to at 40!

    Where the heck do you live that it was 60 degrees today because I was freezing all day?!

    Heidi looks horrible!! My sister, my girls and I were looking at the magazine today and discussing this. She looks like a younger version of Joan Rivers! I'm sure that dirty rat bastard, as Bonnie Hunt calls him, talked her into all of this!

    Hope you get to feelin' better.

    And I usually only get about 7 or 8comments out of the 52 followers I have.

  3. Don't where too big of a print! That is what my mom always says when I am having my photo taken!! I hope the icy hot made you feel better. I have been MIA lately! But I am back now!!

  4. I'm still here, still reading. I personally prefer Bio Freeze, but you can't buy it in stores. I get it from my massage person.

    And I'm jealous that you had 60 degrees and sunny. It was still cloudy/foggy and COLD here yesterday.

  5. people are fickle; I'm not sure why they add themselves as a follower and then you never see them again. I am always tweaking with my blogs that I follow and I don't intend to comment much on them, I un-follow and put them in my favorites and get to them when and if I can and want to.

    sorry about your neck that sounds painful

    be careful with the heating pad; I love it hot too but it did leave a red mark on my arm that took a few days to fade away

    good for you for mixing up your days and doing something a bit different yesterday. sometimes we get stuck in our routine and it is hard to change it up so to speak. Applebee's is one of my favorite places to eat

    hoping you find a nice place to go for your anniversary; would suggest here but it rained and was cold yesterday and supposed to stay that way all week and I think it was my fault when I bragged how warm it was, LOL (we do need the rain so I'm not complaining too much)

    hoping today is a good one for you and you feel a bit better


  6. Isn't there some kind of warming ointment you (or the Hubby) can rub on and then you both are happy?
    Or not. That's the peace keeper in me talking.

    Is Monday your Sunday?

    I know of nowhere in the Gulf cuz I'm a Northwesterner but sunny and warm sound good. Were you married near Valentines Day? And if so, does he get you a gift for each or does he do the combination gift thing?

    Pictures . . . go bright or black, I think both make your hair color look pretty.

  7. C H I R O P R A C T O R.... TODAY! I swear it is what you need.

    I know what you mean about followers. You have a lot more followers than I do. So why don't they say "hey" or something! Do you have a site meter on your blog? It helps the spirits to be able to look at the number of people who stop in and read, even though they don't comment.

    Texas is a lot closer than the Gulf. Why don't you drive to Texas and catch a last minute (low rate) 3 day cruise? I would!

  8. Well, I'll be hoping that you don't look like a goon in this pic.

    And I'm like comment number 5 - do you FEEL the LOVE?

  9. I'm HERE!!!! Keep writing. And come visit the South Carolina lowcountry if you need to get away. It's nothing short of heaven on earth! Congrats on the "best of." OH...and my husband worries all the time about things being plugged in. I KNOW I unplugged everything and am ready to walk out the door, not giving it a second thought and he says, "Are you SURE you unplugged everything" and then I start to doubt myself and have to go back inside and double check. He's crazy and he sucks me RIGHT into the craziness with him.

  10. ah HAH! I see you now have 4 (or is it 5) Comments! WHOOOOoo!

    I'm guessing that maybe 1/3 of the "public followers" actually read the blog they are listed with. And then probably a 1/4 of those will ever leave comments. So, don't get too wrapped up in the follower #s or the # of comments. Just Blog.... ;)

  11. Icy Hot, definitely better than Bengay (this from someone who just turned 50 and still has to wrestle an occasional rottweiler at work) And seriously, don't get hung up on the comment/follower thing. It never fails, when I post what I swear is my Magnum Opus, I get about 2 comments. Just do it for you, the rest will fall into place. And if it doesn't, so be it. Write because you want to write! Kathy

  12. Hi Ms. Funny,
    I read your blog daily and love it. I don't always comment but I always laugh. Don't thnk your readers have gone--we are still here and still reading.
    Sarah in Singapore

  13. I'm still around just not commenting quite as much as I used to. I'm not commenting anywhere as much as I used to due to time constraints - it's not just your blog.

  14. Sorry, I am just now getting caught up on your blog & boy do i miss it! I lost a lot of my faves when my computer crashed, but i'm BACK with a MAC! 3 comments on each post? I wish! Hmmmm... have you left a comment on chinamommy lately? i think not!
    The Bachelor, oh it is KILLIN' me!


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