Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The love has been felt and I thank you

Thanks for all of the sweet comments!
Let me answer them in the order they arrived:

-Baby Mama- LA sounds nice, my husband is from CA and I have never been there so the plan is to go sometime soon. And thank you, I like to make people laugh.

-Stacey- I have never seen Bonnie Hunt's show but I love the term rat bastard and Spencer is IT! Did the warmish weather miss you?

-Katie- welcome back, not a fan of the Icy Hot (too much Icy and no hot)

-Janet- never heard of Bio Freeze, it sounds illegal (ha) and we are getting the clouds and rain now

-Betty- I am always tweaking my blog too but I am still following YOU! Hope you are back to the warmer temps soon!

-Carrie- I am going to try Bengay next, Monday is the only day we are all off together. Our anniversary is Valentine's Day and my birthday is 2 days before Christmas and I always get gifts for both. One year he got me an "anniversary on Valentine's Day card", that is what it read but I let him live anyway.

-Deanna- I had a site meter but I deleted it, we were considering Houston but a cruise sounds good!

-Baby Mama and Regina- feeling the love♥♥♥♥

-Belle- never been to SC, sounds welcoming and lovely so I will add it to my list

-Blase- gonna keep on going til I (again) am the only one left- you do the same!

Now, I am off to watch The Bachelor!
Stay tuned for my ridiculousness.....


  1. It sure the heck didn't get 60 degrees here! It is 38 now, and we have a 90% chance of rain.

  2. you make sure if you ever come to California, southern, you let me know :) I think we would have fun together

    thanks for still following me :)

    hoping the Bachelor was a good one tonight :)



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