Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A man walks into a post office, no wait, he doesn't

I finished episode 2.
The Bachelor.
Wow, he is a doll.

I am not going to comment any further for now because of all of the Rozlyn drama.
Bye bye hoebag.
What was up with the tears girls, the competitor left.

Funny story of the day.
My husband took his handguns to the UPS store to mail them to Springfield Armory so he could have some night sights put on them.
Mistake #1.
It reads like a bad joke.
Ok, so a man walks into a UPS store and says "can you ship hand guns and if so can you box them up and insure them for me as well?" and the lady says "no problem" and the man says "ok I will be right back, I just didn't want to walk in here with 2 guns and freak everyone out" and she says, "wait! what did you say? guns? guns? no, no, NO! we can't do that, we don't have a license for that!"
he told her that he wasn't selling them, he was shipping them to the manufacturer to have something put on them.
Doesn't matter and by this time I think she was a little afraid. (I keep thanking God that I wasn't with him)
He ended up taking them into the place he ordered them from and the owner will ship them for him instead.

I said "imagine if you had tried to send them through the post office"

Seriously, people.
I live in a small town where we are kind of well-known.
Is there any place I can go where people don't stare at me with pity?

I got invited to go on a girls weekend to a local winery in February.
A tour of the winery, wine tastings, a night away, hanging out in our jammies watching movies and eating comfort food with a wine buzz.
What am I gonna wear? (besides the jammies)

This puppy has emptied the entire dog toy basket while I am typing.
He never picks them up when he is done either.

Tomorrow I finally get my 8 chairs that I ordered before Thanksgiving.

Weather update (Betty- I am so happy for you that it is 80 degrees in CA, really I am. Ok, I am not. I am mad as hell. And still cold. Love you!) It was 54 today.
I worked all day and then I had meetings and phone calls and crap like that and then the sun went down and it is cold again and the fireplace is cold because Mr. F is gonna clean it tomorrow (the ashes) and have new glass installed in the door (a log fell and broke the glass last week)
And I am cold.
And this dog is tearing fluff out of a blue elephant and I am having furniture delivered tomorrow and my house is a mess.

I have been doing well with my "being still"
I have been washing a load of laundry or dishes every other day and the kitchen is still clean (we haven't used it) and I have not gotten overwhelmed yet this new year.

The Big One called today to ask me a cooking question. About garlic.
I was happy to hear from him.
Baby steps.

Speak of the devil, I borrowed these from FB.
Somebody has a lot of time on his hands.


  1. Ooooh! The winery trip sounds fun. I don't have any advice on what to wear but knowing you you'll find something fabulous!

  2. I am cold too! Ugh. Poor husband and his weapons! That is too funny.Jealous of your winery weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Okay, first of all. . . yeah, what was up with the tears from the competitors?!

    Winery finery? Um how about some black jeans, flats and long sweater with scarf? Chic, yet comfortable. And then a different top combo for day two will change it up.

    My puppy Never puts the toys back either and why do they take everything out anyway? And why do they take the stuffing out of everything too?

    Actually we've had quite the mellow winter so far. Knocking on wood here.

    Ooooh excited to see the new chairs although I'm still lovin' your red toile ones. Just sayin' And those furniture delivery people see nothing but the prospect of an empty truck so I wouldn't worry about the state of the house.

    And after I posted about getting just a reply via facebook, #1 actually phoned. Haha Guilt is good.


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