Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't like this day.
I haven't since 1986, the same day the space shuttle exploded and I am not going to get into specifics- those who know are the only ones who need to know.
This entire week has been exhausting and I have actually done very little.
I hate this time of year and getting through the days just gets harder.

I have spent the last few days trying to work, trying (ha) to clean my awful house and trying to find a place to go for our 15th anniversary (yes, I have a 19 year old son, we got married when I was pregnant with our 14 year old son)
I keep hearing "whatever you want- you decide" when I suggest places or ideas, which makes me feel like I am really the only one who really wants to go, so we are doing whatever I want.
We are staying home.
I will be working.

It is too stressful for me to make plans alone and then hope it works out and everyone has fun.
Like the New York trip where I picked a bad hotel in a bad location and had no itinerary so we just winged it and I felt responsible.
We had some fun but I feel like we could have had a better time had I been a planner.

My house is still a mess, I still need to go to the grocery store, we are expecting a snow storm, my oldest is home for a music festival, and we are going to his concert in a few minutes.
I just want to go to bed.


  1. Sorry lady. This week sucked for me too. I am ready for Spring! 15 years! That is a big anniversary! I hope you find something that you both want to do!

  2. Sounds like you need some sunshine!
    You will figure out someplace fun to go.

  3. (((((hugs to you))))))) it has been a "sucky" week, hasn't it??? not one for scrap booking for sure

    maybe for your 15th, you need to go away (alone) to Hawaii (or Southern California :)


  4. Hope it is all better soon.

    Bad mother nature, bad!

  5. How much snow did you get? We only got an inch or so.


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