Friday, January 15, 2010

My mother in law scares me a little bit

You will all be happy to know that my Sig .22 (handgun that is, if you don't know all of these fancy gun terms and oh, I had to ask Mr. Funny what it was anyway) finally got some play, some action if you will.
Anyway, it finally got fired.
And shockingly enough, it was not by me.

Mr. Funny gave it to his mother, who we should maybe call Bonnie from now on. Or what is the name of a gun-wielding woman who you don't want to mess with?

Anyway, he gave it to her with some hollow point bullets (which do more damage and please do not ask why I know these things- I Google them and ask the (somewhat nervous) highway patrolmen that frequent our establishment, pressing firearm questions)
Anyway, again, he gave her the gun for home protection because the 112 lb. German Shepherd wasn't scary enough and I wasn't using the gun.

My point is: she shot an armadillo.
And she was so proud, she was, of her homicidal armored-animal shooting self that she called Mr. Funny to brag about it.
It was tearing up the yard and did you know an armadillo can not only dig a grave-sized hole in very little time but these creatures also carry leprosy?
Some interesting factoid from the armadillo expert himself.
Leprosy is a big worry around here too.
Out of all the problems with jobs, money, food, drugs, shoplifters, and freezing temps, the fear of getting leprosy is right up there.
Seriously. When I said she could just scare it off, the first thing out of his mouth was "those things carry leprosy"
How many people do you know that have leprosy?
Me too.

On Christmas Eve, it was in the front yard digging a hole and they shot at it and missed (because it was dark........duh) so it has been around awhile just irritating the hell out of my mother in law.
Which is hard to do because she doesn't ever get mad, yell, curse or throw things.

So now it is gone.

The End.


  1. OH Lordie...I know who to call if I need 'extermination' :)

  2. Whoo hoo...I don't guess you'll be trying to wrestle that gun out of her hands anytime soon. My MIL scares me a little bit too, but for different reasons.

  3. "Things are not always what they appear to be".. (your mother-in-law)

  4. The thought of an armadillo wandering out anywhere is so foreign to me!

  5. its not an endangered species is it?? oh my gosh, how funny though! its funny how people get info though; with her thinkign amardillos cause leprosy.

    never a dull moment, right?


  6. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious. Your MIL would scare me too. BTW I have my own hand gun, but I've never shot an armadillo.

    Oh, and "mrpunkn" is hooked on your blog. He won't ever comment, but he is sitting over here cackling, reading through all of your posts.

  7. carry not cause

    While suspected instances of 'dillo-to-human transmission have been reported, leprosy remains uncommon in the U.S. and Canada (6,000 U.S. cases) and is in long-term decline worldwide--an estimated 2.4 million cases as of 1994. Fewer than 5 percent of wild armadillos have it, though I grant you that 5 percent of 30 to 50 million is a lot of armadillos.


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