Friday, January 1, 2010

So far

Here are a few of my favorite birthday gifts and some things I got at Anthropologie in NYC. (I have roosters in my kitchen- the napkin basket, the cruet set and the snowman plate were gifts from my MIL)

Last night the kids both had plans so I hung out at work with Mr. Funny and just walked around refilling drinks and talking to people.
The level of excitement around here for New Year's Eve is way too high.

We were even invited to a couple of parties, but drinking and watching other people act ridiculous didn't sound appealing and hanging out alone with my hubby did.

I did get my year in review blog post up in time, looked at my watch at 12:06 and said Happy New Year to him.
Then we went to sleep.

Today, I had a chicked salad sandwich from Arby's (have you had those? with the walnuts and apples and whole grain bread? Yummo) and then we stocked up on groceries (we had nothing in the house) and party snacks because the Big One was having people over tonight.
Then we picked up the Little One from his friends house and headed home.

When I got home, the Big One and his friend Shelby were making creme brulee, a tray of apple slices and grapes with a fruit dip made with cream cheese, powdered sugar and chocolate syrup (her invention- it is good) and other random things they had scraped together because he had no idea I was grocery shopping.

Boy were they happy when I handed them the chips and dip and sodas and snack cakes and cookies.

Inventive? Maybe, but the mess they made making all of the random snacks kept me busy for awhile- I didn't mind- while they set up the basement and hauled down all the food.

There are about 20 kids over right now playing the Wii and I have managed to get my kitchen cleaned and free of all Christmas decor.
So far so good.
Hopefully 2010 will be this stress free and simple.


  1. Love your treasures!

    NYC how fun! Looked like you guys had a blast! Jealous.

    Happy New Year

  2. OOOH! If you have roosters in your kitchen, maybe I should send you the chicken message board my boyfriend's ex gave him for Christmas! lol

  3. that snowman plate is cute; love your other treasures too!

    sounds like you had just the right new year's eve for you and Mr. Funny :)

    neat you are "that" house where kids feel comfortable hanging around in :)

    Happy New Year!



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