Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I am sitting here in front of the fire because, hello!, it is freezing cold again.
We had days of no fire and Mr. Funny cleaned out all of the ashes and it was kind of sad but it was too warm for a fire.

My weekend could not have been better! (with the exception of a horrible tragedy which happened Friday in our town)
Friday, I picked up my son and what was supposed to be 4 extra kids, which turned out to be 2 extra (imagine my excitement!) and they hung out while I waited for my sister to call and tell me when they got off the interstate because we were meeting for Mexican food.
We had a couple of margaritas and some dinner and Mr. Funny even stopped by on his way home from work.
We also lost an awful employee over the weekend and hired a replacement the next day.

Saturday, we had coffee, cinnamon streusel coffee cake and watched The Hangover.
Oh, why have I waited so long to watch it? It was hil-ar-ious! (sidenote: bad language, offensive scenes and Bradley Cooper without a shirt)
We laughed so hard!
Then we grabbed the Little One and went for salads and pizza while we waited for Mr. F to get home from work.
Then we headed to the City for shopping and sushi.
Our reservations were for 8:30 so we went to the mall first so I could check out the purses at Coach.

You know how sometimes, places have nothing you like?
Not this time, baby.
Everything was perfect and colorful and I loved them all even though I was looking at 2 specific bags.
Oh, how I looked and unzipped and conversed with my sisters and husband (really, he could not care less) and kept changing my mind and finally I had to stand back and make a decision and I did.
My Valentine's Day/ Anniversary gift.
We also got some Clinique mascara which I love! Thanks for the tip, girls!

Here is the one I got from the boys for Christmas.

We had a great time at dinner and ate our weight in sushi.
I kept saying how I wished I had my camera with me.
We drove back to our town and Mr. dropped Mel and I (Deb was not feeling well) off at Applebees for a Pomegranate margarita.
Then we went home and watched My Sister's Keeper (I recommend it if you like crying and being sad) and went to bed.
Before I went to bed I realized that my camera was in my purse. The whole night.

Sunday I got up early for work and Mr. Funny was already up.
He asked what I was doing and then told me to go back to bed because he was working for me.
Man, I adore him.

Later, we had pizza (again), rewatched The Bachelor, and went to see The Lovely Bones.
It was good but the book was better.
Then my sister's left and we went to dinner.
That's it.

Today I am finishing laundry and hanging out at home.
Have a great week!!


  1. Yeah, whats up with the stinkin' cold and snow again?!

    Cute, cute purses!

    I still haven't seen the hangover, but I have been wanting to.

  2. Love love love the purses!
    The Hangover was hilarious. Glad you had such a lovely weekend!

  3. now I'm curious; what was the horrible tragedy? sorry about it

    loved the purses!! such a fashion flare you have!

    I heard the Hangover was cute; glad you had such a nice enjoyable time with your sisters; and your hubby is definitely a keeper for working for you :)


  4. Oh... The Hangover!! The mister & I saw it when it 1st came out- we really didn't know anything about it & there were times I was laughing so hard the tears were pouring down my face & other times my mouth was just hanging open with no words...
    LOVE the purses!
    Tragedy in your town??.... yikes, what happened?


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